Nigerians are disappointed because they are looking for results in the wrong place – Fashola

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Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola has revealed that Nigerians are disappointed in the present administration because they are looking for results in the wrong place.

Speaking at The Platform, an annual conference organised by Covenant Christian Centre in Lagos, on Thursday, the minister advised Nigerians to pay more attention to the outcome of governorship and local government elections than presidential polls.

He said Nigerians should read the constitution to understand better the divide between the state and the Federal Government.

He further explained that the basic infrastructure like primary healthcare, primary education, among others which Nigerians clamour for, can only be delivered by state and local governments


  1. I dont know the result you are talking about but just wanna let you know that we are not disappointed in any result but Nigerians are disappointed in their leaders because what they promised us before they entered that seat is not what they are doing now. I mean all of them they are all promise and fail set of people.

  2. You are saying rubbish, which kind of patience is that for how many years, the patience that we have overcome since all this year. Thank God you mentioned in your self that we are in wrong administration. You are absolutely right on that. You ministers and your boss President muhammadu buhari are mistakingly choosing by the country.

  3. If I may ask you sir Mr minister. The patience is for how long again. Upon all the one we have before. You people are not capable to be a leader.

  4. That is good though… To stop putting all the blames on the federal government and also blamed the state and local govt too….but still this buhara administration is the worst we have ever had because of there corrupt practices and lack of leadership

  5. Why all our politicians are talking like this? When you were governor of Lagos State then, did you grant full autonomy to the LGA in Lagos State? all of you are hypocrite. In my state it’s being a year now that we don’t have local government chairmen which have been suspended by the state governor, what do we call that? Who are we going to meet is we are in need of anything in local government. All of you are wicked.

  6. We should meet our state and local government of our state for what? Our politicians are completely wicked, are governor not the one who pocketed Local government, they are the one who is selecting local government chairmen not people of the community. Who are they going to be accountable for? Let federal government play their part and let’s see what will happen.

  7. OK, what about electricity, housing, and petrol. Babe please go sit down. You said you can fix power in 6months now how far?

    1. We are disappointed in in your administration not because not because of anything but you didn’t fulfill any of your promises, rising of insecurities everyday, inflation, kidnapping and many more then what are you saying? Oga go sit down for one place.

  8. All these explanations are not what we need now
    The masses are suffering and no one is happy again
    Your party APC promised heaven and earth, but now it is all excuses

  9. Mr. Minister obviously Nigerians are looking for the result in wrong places not knowing that, your pocket and your children pockets is where the results are.

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