President Buhari allows us to borrow so we can develop things – Amaechi

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Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has said President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the collection of loans.

According to Amaechi, the country borrows for infrastructural development.

He stated this during a special 60th Independence Anniversary programme on Channels Television on Thursday

Amaechi also explained that when crude oil was sold at $120 per barrel, the total amount needed to develop the railway across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) was between $35billion to $40billion but now according to him, the money is no longer available.

“The President (Muhammadu Buhari) allows us to borrow. We are borrowing to develop and things will change,” he said.

“It wasn’t like this before. We had money to construct this railway. The total fund that we needed to finish the entire railway in the country was about $36billion to $40billion.

“We had this kind of money when we were selling crude at $110 to $120 per barrel. Now, the money is no longer there,” Amaechi said.


  1. I swear it we never better for your generation including President muhammadu buhari himself, all of your family will suffer at the end you this thief’s. If you like carry all citizen in the country to borrow money. We Nigeria already know that our life is in danger. Buhari and his cabinet are all the same. I know your administration is about to end, then after that what else?

  2. The previous money you are talking about, where did that money go to? Were you not on government then what have done for your people? Now you are complaining you better return the one you shiphoned.

  3. Talking as you were not one of them who mismanaged our resources, you were with them right from 1999 now you are complaining. Who are you blaming?

  4. You are just borrowing borrowing every time, you this our leader you can’t get generation I believe it, I know your children we suffer as well. If you like take the complete country to borrow money. Very soon you will leave the power.

  5. Always borrowing without nothing to show for it, this is always what you use to say whenever you want to borrowed money after borrowing shiphoned by few people. You better look ways to generate revenue other than borrowing.

  6. That is bad things now… The country debt as risen very much that if care is not taken we will have to sell the whole country to cover the debts

  7. Since you have been borrowing what have done with it. Other countries that borrowed used theirs well to develop their country but ours do enter private pockets, you people should continue borrowing but try to pay them back o. Dont borrow and leave it for upcoming generations to pay it for you people.

  8. That Is Bad Things Now… The Country Debt As Risen Very Much That If Care Is Not Taken We Will Have To Sell The Whole Country To Cover The Debts

  9. You people have looted all our funds and that seems not to be enough for you, you now borrow to see more funds to loot
    Nothing to show for this at all, always telling one story or the other
    God save us..o

  10. Learn how to generate revenue not always borrowing at we have the resources in the country that can give us money or because of the one you will siphon or embezzle.

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