The Buhari-led administration has done more than critics – AGF, Malami

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Abubakar Malami, the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice has expressed that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration has performed more than its critics.

The AGF expressed that members of the ruling party should be proud of the achievements the present administration has recorded.

He made this comment when he hosted members of the Integrity Group of the Non-National Working Committee of the National Executive Committee (Non-NWC NEC) of APC.

He expressed that despite the backlog of debts, misappropriation from previous administrations and revenue, the Buhari-led government has impacted the lives of Nigerians more positively than critics.


  1. Why those in power are saying this? Are they the one to be telling us that shit? Absolutely no. You are not the one to tell us because whatever he does is visible not invisible.

  2. Inflation is everywhere in the country not only that people are being killed day in day out, unemployment all over everywhere then what are you saying? It’s not your fault because you are earning fat salary if not you won’t be saying what you are.

  3. What the hell is this man saying. Please we are tired of all these propaganda talks
    The suffering is too much in this country now
    Nothing seems to be moving at all

    1. Don’t tell us that busheet again, are you the one to tell us this? If you want your statement to be meaningful you should have listed his most important that Nigeria has achieve so far under buhari administration. May be by them you explanation can be meaningful.

  4. This rubbish post again you guy will have problem , ask them apart from north which other place them do the thing and put naijaexpress.

  5. Bunch of fools… This administration had only bring suffering and regrets for the people who votes for them in the first place….. Bunch of corrupt leaders God punish you one by one

  6. Malami is also lying, let buhari himself come out and list what his administration yield to Nigeria, he can not. You are just protecting you work, you can’t receive us anymore. We don wise.

  7. You are not in chargeto be telling us such, we are the one to appreciate whatever you did but if we have all died then who will make use of those infrastructural. We are indeed hungry.

  8. this man is speaking true alcohol in him is drunk so that is the reason y he is saying rubbish because even buhari knows that his government has done nothing for Nigeria

  9. What The Hell Is This Man Saying. Please We Are Tired Of All These Propaganda Talks
    The Suffering Is Too Much In This Country Now
    Nothing Seems To Be Moving At All

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