Anyone going for BBNaija should visit a psychiatrist before going- Erica

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Big brother Naija season 5 disqualified housemate, Erica Nlewedim has advised those interested in participating in the upcoming BBNaija show to see a psychiatrist before going for the show.

Speaking during her interview with Chude on TVC she admitted that being emotional led to her disqualification.

“My advice to anyone going for the next BBNaija is for them to see a shrink/Psychiatrist before going to the house.

“Being emotional like me would not help you so don’t use that card.“

She also advised her fans to refrain from fighting other housemates as she is a peaceful person and such acts will rub off on her.

“I don’t like fans fighting with other housemates because of me because it will rub off on me and I’m a peaceful person.

“Please my fans just focus on my happiness and how we would grow, she said


  1. In first instance, it’s not advisable to go such immoral act reality TV show not to talk of visiting psychiatric hospital, if I’m the one I would have advised everyone not to go for it all.

  2. At least you are talking from experience because experience is the best teacher they say. Fighting in the house is not proper this thing we are talking about is being emotional and if you can’t control your temperament it can lead to eviction.

  3. Once you know your character that you are someone who can’t accommodate or absorbing what other people does, you shouldn’t have been there in first instance. It advisable to do as you said because it will save you from so many things.

  4. Smiles, if this is coming from her in person I think she is only trying to blame her disqualification on her emotion.

  5. Indeed you are beauty with brain I love your advice tho am not your fan but I like your courage, I love the way you behaved in the BBN house, but the only thing you did their that made me angry was the insult you gave to my LAYCON.

  6. Thank you for the advice ERICA, But why did you made great mistake not to visit the Psychiatrist place, but is not late, you can still participate on upcoming BBNaija try to visit the Psychiatrist before you join them in the house, I think that can help you allot.

  7. Erica my friend this your talk nobe so, but my comments be say is never late for you. You can still participate in the upcoming NBNaija, but when the time is near I will remain you to visit Psychiatrist place before you come, so that they will not disqualify you.

  8. It’s good advice if and only if they will listen to your advise. It’s not an easy task really but it must be done once you have enter the house with them and if you that you can’t cope it’s better for you not to even go for audition not to talk of participating.

  9. everyone has a reason for saying what he or she like. Erica has been to big brother house and I believe she’s speaking from experience.

  10. Nice advice for people who are interested in going to BBNAIJA
    As for me, I don’t know the importance of this show

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