By far the most insensitive government ever in our history – Falz slams the Buhari-led administration

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Nigerian music star and actor, Falz has slammed the Buhari-led administration as he tagged them as being insensitive. Falz in his tweet, alleged that this government is always absent.

He tweeted; By farrrrr the MOST insensitive government ever in our history. Unbelievable. Just always so absent.

He also promised to join in the protest against SARS brutality. Falz further tweeted;

“Ready to enter streets. Been ready since. We have to move in numbers. They cannot kill everybody. Why we dey fear to protest? They may kill us? Are they not killing us already?? In every way possible!!!


  1. He (president buhari) didn’t listen to our agitation, may be those SSA, SA, Ministers and representative are the one giving him contrary opinion to the people, even if they do, he should call his wife and children and ask from them what people are saying, then he will know steps to take.

  2. President buhari’s government is really insensitive because he needs to listen to us, but reverse is the case. Government should listen to our plight not just take anti Nigerians policy.

  3. I don’t know the reason why president buhari didn’t stand up to his responsibility, Nigerians are yearning, shouting, insecurities everywhere, poverty also. Is he going to tell us that he didn’t hear what we are saying. I don’t know the reason why he will turn a deaf hear to our agitations.

  4. Buhari is not a good leader, President muhammadu buhari administration is insensitive. He rules the country as nobody in there as a president.

  5. This useless man did not have God fearless he is not man God at all. What is going on in the country did not even concern him, he we just be doing as he want. His administration was so so bad. And God we punish him.

  6. There is a lot of things that president buhari needs to work on such insecurities, unemployment, poverty etc. If he could work on these, I’m sure that our ringing tone will change.

  7. The Same thing you all said about GEJ Administration… Let’s not conclude yet until we see the next Administration

  8. The government now is basing on propaganda and wickedness and very insensitive to the masses cries
    The SARS should go and the total reorientation given to the entire police force

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