‘Children of nowadays’ – Black Face attacks Wizkid for Challenging Buhari

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Former Plantashun Boiz member, Black Face, has reacted to Wizkid’s tweet directed at President Muhammadu Buhari.

The veteran musician is not in support of the tweet because he feels that Wizkid is not only being disrespectful but also struggling to revive a fading career.

Wizkid had challenged President Buhari after the latter wished President Trump and his wife a speedy recovery from the Coronavirus but was yet to give a response to the #EndSARS campaigns.

Black Face tweeted as a reply:

“Why don’t you face your music small man? I understand why that is difficult, because it doesn’t have any substance #ChildrenOfNowadays”


  1. Celebrities with their attitudes, is he the one in charge of reply him no but also for way to be relevant with those in town. Not blame you Sha.

  2. Children of nowadays shouldn’t talk if there is anything to affect their lives or what do you mean? If there is anything that will affect your life and your family are you telling us that you won’t talk or do something about it. That’s we are failing as country, always kept mute.

  3. Can keeping quiet solve the situation we find ourselves now because if those elderly ones didn’t say anything, the youths also should keep quiet and our leaders should continue do anything they like, do you think it won’t spoil beyond these situations we are? There is no point in your argument.

  4. Black face is very stupid for that useless statements. Why are you attacking wiskid? He has the right to challenge him… everyone have equal rights to say anything or to challenge anybody, wiskid is also a Nigeria citizen likewise you do, if you have some quarrel with wiskid before that’s apart from what is going on in the country right now. Don’t drop that stupid statements again black face.

  5. What’s going on with this guy calling black face? Ist seek upstairs? Can’t wiskid talk or is him refal to you…I’m asking you black face? We have equal rights in this country to challenge anybody is free of tongue.

  6. Hmmm! where have you been I’m surprised hearing from you again well for me everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  7. What do you mean by children of Nowadays? since those children as you called them have been respecting them to do something still the government are just doing as if all is well. Don’t be surprise that those people you are calling children will make the situation of this country to be better than as it is now, so bro mind you the words you use on people Mr. Black face.

  8. so u mean if they see what is going wrong they should keep quit re u ok re u in this country re u not seen what is happening

  9. Celebrities With Their Attitudes, Is He The One In Charge Of Reply Him No But Also For Way To Be Relevant With Those In Town. Not Blame You Sha

  10. What’s Going On With This Guy Calling Black Face? Ist Seek Upstairs? Can’t Wiskid Talk Or Is Him Refal To You…I’m Asking You Black Face? We Have Equal Rights In This Country To Challenge Anybody Is Free Of Tongue

  11. I don’t see anything wrong with what Wizkid said, Buhari should focus on how to build his Nation and not involving himself with what doesn’t concerns him

  12. What the hell is black face trying to say, I don’t think he is right
    When an older person is not behaving well, the younger ones will definitely correct him or her
    So in this case, wizkid is trying to correct the president

  13. what are you saying so you support the president,is he not an old man we are dying and he is doing nothing about it and you except the to keep quite.

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