I have covered my estranged wife’s madness for over 7 years to protect my children – Femi Fani Kayode says

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After several years of accusing Sahara Reporters of Fake News and trying to break up his marriage, Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has opened up on some incidents that allegedly occurred before his marriage to his estranged wife, Precious went sour. 

The PDP Chieftain who insisted that he won’t turn the affairs of his personal life into a public circus, alleged that he has endured the “madness” of his estranged wife for 7 years to protect their children. 

FFK added that he broke silence yesterday October 3, because his hands were forced. He added that those involved in the alleged smear campaign about his marriage are begging for further response which he won’t give in to. 

He tweeted; 

I have chosen to take the high horse and I refuse to allow my estranged wife to turn the affairs of my personal life into a public circus. If she has any issues let her use the right medium as a responsible adult and mother and stop secretly feeding the media with damaging scandals geared towards the destruction of our children’s future.

I have kept quite in order to protect my children, I have covered all her madness over the past 7 years & not once did I expose her. But the facts are there & the witnesses & evidence are readily available for the courts. I broke my silence yesterday only because my hand has been forced. Rather than focusing on the problem of brutality & evil plaguing our country, or the myriad of other issues holding citizens hostage, some people would prefer to spread and partake in what amounts to celebrity gossip & chopped videos. Who in Nigeria does this benefit? What is the use?

Those involved in this smear campaign are begging for further responses which I will not give them. My private relationship & any disagreements therein are just that: PRIVATE & I have learned my lesson on feeding into parasocial media culture. My children & their dignity comes first & I refuse to help these individuals tarnish their image any further. The ringleader of this media scandal and his/her collaborators may continue polluting news sites & blogs with spam & begging for crumbs of attention with wild tales as long as they wish.

Acting is a professional field all on its own but thankfully so is law. Any & all videos, testimonies,documentation &other evidence coming from my end will only be displayed in court, where this issues can be resolved once and for all. If this person speaks the truth, they will be happy to meet me there, instead of peddling stories. My next tweets and posts will be focused solely on relevant issues. Thank you.


  1. That is bad though…woman and there bad behaviours… They will always find ways to sabotage everything cuz they don’t deep before they do things

  2. I do mind myself when it comes to family matter like this one now, the only thing I have to say here is that you people should just settle the matter amicably because when you people were enjoying we weren’t there so why telling us now that casala don buss.

  3. Everyone with his/her issues. Therefore, that’s your own headache and it should be nursing by you, you may not be happy in all ramifications you must have one or two things that you will be nursing. That’s your tribulation and you need to carry it by yourself.

  4. You are complaining about media, is it not the same media you are using to attack or praise anybody you want to then why complaining about it now. There is nothing you can do about whether you take it or leave it. That’s your home and you need to resolve it with any means in your capacity.

  5. Fami kayode, so, you can also be complain. Are you not also celebrities? If you also criticize or poke nose in any other person’s affairs, so, you don’t need antagonize any other people that criticize you. You need to accept it wether you like it or not.

  6. Don’t destroy your children legacy with the problem moving around in you and your wife. Having a relationship problems don’t suppose to affect your children, and is not every family issue suppose to be taken to median.

  7. Please take your private life out of social media, this should serve as lesson for young guys and ladies, before you marry ask God if this is your husband or wife.

  8. That is your own tribulation and you need to carry it. No marriage is perfect but you are the to perfectioning it. That is the way you handled your home.

  9. This man should go and keep his family in peace first before seeking for leadership position
    The wife is saying this, he is saying that, which one do we now take
    God knows the truth

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