Be patient with laws you don’t like – Buhari tells Nigerians

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President Muhammadu Buhari has told Nigerians who are uncomfortable with certain laws to remain patient and seek reform where necessary.

Buhari stated this on Monday, while declaring open a two-day joint Executive/Legislative leadership retreat at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The President explained that the processes and procedures involved in law making are ever evolving.

He however, assured Nigerians that the intentions of his administration are in their best interest.

“Let me also remind our common patriots, gentlemen and women, that the processes of lawmaking and governance are dynamic and ever evolving. I will seek their indulgence to be patient with any legislation or law which they have certain misgivings about and engage the process in line with democratic practices.

“Our interest is sincere promotion of our collective will and aspiration to build a nation where justice, peace, and progress are the norm,” he said.


  1. We have been patient with you right from the beginning if not we would have done something which is not acceptable. Whatever you want to do you must carry Nigerians along that it’s when you won’t be having issues with people.

  2. The way you are handling the issues in Nigeria nowadays is uncalled for, there is lots of corruption going on under your administration that needs to be addressed, once you do that it will suppress our agitation.

  3. If Nigeria could stand on justice, equity and fairness things would have been better but government are only after what it’s going to benefit them that’s where we are having issues. If they can have the love of masses in their hearts things would change for good.

  4. Please I’m tired of this Grammer am reading since, my to ask is that …is President muhammadu buhari begging Nigeria or what? I believe buhari know the right thing to do, he is just intentionally doing what he likes to us before, all this statement should have come out since now now, but now the patience you are mentioning now is already late, your tenor has been running down what patience are you now talking about, just do anything you like on that power and give the power to us😁☺️ Yoruba

  5. I swear President muhammadu buhari is finished in this country, we don’t even understand him again today he we do as Nigeria want it tomorrow he may decide to change suddenly. What is going on him? Ist truely buhari ruling? We understand what you have been doing so far and what you just did yesterday, we are not ingrate we normally appreciate anyone you did on favour of Nigeria. Keep the good work in mind.

  6. All this are excuses for failure, where you patient with GEJ? When you are saying you will turn Nigeria to heaven, now you are telling me about patience

  7. For how many years Mr. Man are we gonna have patients with you and your administration. We the Citizens have tried for you so please try and do something we are begging you and your government.

  8. We will not be patient again because it has run thin…. You have been decieving us for long with your bad agenda

  9. All I can say is that, no law or reform can suit everyone but try your best to take the country to a better height

  10. We are tired of all these big grammars
    The suffering in the land is too much and should be tackled very urgently please

  11. The Way You Are Handling The Issues In Nigeria Nowadays Is Uncalled For, There Is Lots Of Corruption Going On Under Your Administration That Needs To Be Addressed, Once You Do That It Will Suppress Our Agitation.

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