Buhari approves payment of stipends and automatic employment for education graduates

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President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the payment of stipends to Bachelor of Education students, as well as granting them automatic employment after graduation.

Speaking during World Teachers Day event in Abuja, the minister of Education, Adamu Adamu who represented the president said it is now a Federal government policy.

The president also assured the education students in Universities and Colleges of Education automatic employment upon graduation.

“The payment of stipends to Bachelor of Education students, as well as granting them automatic employment after graduation is now a government policy,” he said.

The President said that the Tertiary Education Fund (TETFUND) will now fund teaching practice in Universities and Colleges of Education in the country.

He also promised low-cost housing for teachers in rural areas, among other things


  1. You try on this Mr President, but sir things has gotten worse before all this actions, this should have been done since, but take look of what is going on in the country now aday. But all the same President muhammadu buhari really try on this great actions.

  2. President muhammadu buhari is playing game for Nigeria, he know what to s doing, he just a game player but he is now game changer, all what you did for teachers yesterday is not really welcome by this time. But approved of Payment Of Stipends And Automatic Employment For Education Graduates. he really try to be Frank.

  3. I hope this news won’t be as promised failed because Nigeria government use to make audio promise without fulfilment. If what he said is true, minister of education should quickly document it without delay because teachers are nation builders.

  4. Hope at the moment teachers will now be rewarded on Earth not only heaven anymore, with these monument I hope our educational system and students will now turn a new leaf. Kudos to Mr President.

  5. If all these promise could be fulfilled Nigeria will be great, but we use to hear all promises without implementation. Nigeria should learn how to fulfill all promises made but not audio promises and they should quickly implement this. Hope it’s also applicable to the state or it’s only federal.

  6. What of the ones that have graduated already what is their fate? Thank God for making this move but its to put it into action, its not only by saying it action speaks louder than words.

  7. I Hope This News Won’t Be As Promised Failed Because Nigeria Government Use To Make Audio Promise Without Fulfilment. If What He Said Is True, Minister Of Education Should Quickly Document It Without Delay Because Teachers Are Nation Builders.

  8. What Of The Ones That Have Graduated Already What Is Their Fate? Thank God For Making This Move But Its To Put It Into Action, Its Not Only By Saying It Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

  9. Don’t celebrate yet because this was how this Government did about B. Tech. And Bsc. Up till date no inplementation of the decision reached.

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