Davido terminates Lil Frosh’s record contract for assaulting his girlfriend

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Popular Nigerian musician, David Adeleke, also known as Davido on Tuesday confirmed terminating the record contract of his singer, Lil Frosh.

Frosh was alleged to have assaulted his girlfriend to a point of no recognition.

However, Davido said his Record Label, Davido Music Worldwide, has disassociated itself from Lil Frosh over his involvement in domestic violence.

The singer made the official announcement, in a statement on his verified Twitter handle.

Davido explained that he would never encourage domestic violence among his artists.

Davido terminates Lil Frosh's record contract for assaulting his girlfriend 4


  1. Am very happy to hear that,I don’t know why some guys don’t respect woman,any man who beat his girl or wife is a monkey,no Matter what she do

  2. This is not proper, how would he attacked his boss girlfriend to the extent of not recognize her, this is bad indeed. Respect is reciprocal.

  3. What lil frosh feed is not proper but davido should have tamper justice with mercy, next he won’t do that anymore instead of terminating his contract. The one did is even bad then the one he does.

  4. You have killed lil frosh with what you did, everyone has its own deficiency, may be he has not seen it with I’m before but notwithstanding he should have apologize to her when he realized that she is davido’s girlfriend.

  5. That will serve as a lesson to other who result to violent against women or others without thinking about the conciquence of there actions

  6. Am Very Happy To Hear That,I Don’t Know Why Some Guys Don’t Respect Woman,Any Man Who Beat His Girl Or Wife Is A Monkey,No Matter What She Do

  7. You Have Killed Lil Frosh With What You Did, Everyone Has Its Own Deficiency, May Be He Has Not Seen It With I’m Before But Notwithstanding He Should Have Apologize To Her When He Realized That She Is Davido’s Girlfriend

  8. You are a good business man. Keeping him will tanish the image of the label. It’s so unfortunate for the white head Sha. Hope you’ve learnt your lesson.

  9. For waiting now… Respec is resiprocal, you deserve to respect your boss every angle including his family, why did you disrespect your boss girlfriend? Is not proper now, even his children deserve the same respect you give your boss, I am pleading unbehalve of lill frosh, davido should please consider him with mercy not to over angry. And o believe this one that happen we serve him as a lesson.

  10. Davido should please consider this Young Man, just let him know what he did wrong, and forget his bad manner. He is a bread winner for his family, please davido reconsider him.

  11. This is very good so that next time he will learn how to treat a lady. When I saw the pictures of this Lil Frosh’s girlfriend face I was scared the bruises on her face was too much. I don’t know the joy that men derive in beating women Davido you did well jareh.

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