If Nigerian youths support me like they support BBNaija housemates, I will become president – Yul Edochie

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Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has publicized his desire to become the best president Nigeria has ever witnessed.

According to him, the only stumbling block which he has highlighted is mass support from Nigerian youths.

He revealed this on his official Twitter page as a reply to a fan who urged him to contest at the next Presidential elections.

“Pls we need you as the next Nigerian president. U have been so out spoken about the ills and shit that’s happening in this country… The country needs people like u. Other parts of the world, old men don’t rule as president.. only Africa I see 90yr old men still crave for power“, the user identified as Victor Agbator tweeted.

Yul Edochie’s response reads:

“If Nigerian youths will realise the power they have & support me the way they support BBNaija housemates I’ll surely become Nigeria’s next President & best President ever. I’ll unite this country & appoint credible men & women to work with irrespective of tribe or religion.”


  1. Your wish is good now, you can give it a trial, everybody is trying his best to become somebody, all the past president did not bring the power from heaven. You can try your luck, you we surely get our support.

  2. Hahaha go back to we’re you wake up and make another nightmare, because what you are saying is in possibility in this country. What impact do you have in your house, in your family, in your word, in your local government, in your state talk of President of Nigeria. You did not even talk of chairman local government or house of assembly. Take loo at this man….. Desmond Elliot he contested for members of house of representative. You should try from the basics first.

  3. I don’t know what you have done with the little you had but you need to start from somewhere. Have you given back to those who elected to the state chamber if not you are deceiving yourself, that’s true talk.

  4. Though, you have started from somewhere, next step is to go to your State and vie for governor post and know how it will go and work. It’s not an easy task to be the president of Nigeria.

  5. You have spoken your mind or declaring your intentions on how to compete for president. It’s good ambition but you won’t expect Nigeria youths to support you, what you need to do is that you need start from home because “charity begins at home”.

  6. Your Wish Is Good Now, You Can Give It A Trial, Everybody Is Trying His Best To Become Somebody, All The Past President Did Not Bring The Power From Heaven. You Can Try Your Luck, You We Surely Get Our Support.

  7. You Have Spoken Your Mind Or Declaring Your Intentions On How To Compete For President. It’s Good Ambition But You Won’t Expect Nigeria Youths To Support You, What You Need To Do Is That You Need Start From Home Because “Charity Begins At Home”.

  8. Though, You Have Started From Somewhere, Next Step Is To Go To Your State And Vie For Governor Post And Know How It Will Go And Work. It’s Not An Easy Task To Be The President Of Nigeria.

  9. You can’t start climbing the tree from the top.
    You need to begin somewhere b4 reach somewhere that’s the reality of the game of politics.

  10. Nigerian youths only channel their energy towards trivial issues,if only such energy could be positioned to a more profitable acts it would be better.

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