Ignore police officers not wearing their uniforms -Frank Mba

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Police Spokesperson, Frank Mba has insisted on the seriousness of the SARS ban. Speaking with Naira Marley during an Insta-live chat he noted that every reform that has been rolled out in the wake of the outcry against the police unit will be strictly adhered to, adding that every erring police officer will be dealt with.

Frank Mba who affirmed that it is not a criminal act for youths to have tattoos, dreadlocks and dress any way they want advised Nigerians to record erring officers as long as they are safe and also ignore police officers who are not wearing their uniform.

He also reiterated that it is illegal for SARS operatives or other police officers to go through the mobile phones or properties of citizens.


  1. Harassing citizen and extorting money from them also going far by even killing some are not part of responsibility of this agency.The people are no longer safe even around them.

  2. Nigeria police always intimidating citizens because of the power confide in them, they should continue to wear their uniforms so that if anything happens we will be able to identify them.

    1. I know all this what you are saying can not last, because we are in Nigeria, this has happened before in some years back when SARS was disturbing the peace of the citizens, I had it then that SARS is. Not allowed to check you or to ask about waiting you carry, also it was said they should not stay near the road or block the road, I swear it was a law from Inspector General of police then, but the rules was follow imidiatele, after some months they still go to do the same thing. All this from Frank MBA I see it as ordinary talk of the mouth which is not mandatory.

  3. They use to intimidate people because they believe that they can do and undo, at least people will be able to identify them if they do wrong thing.

  4. Police is our friends they say but the reverse is the case in Nigeria. Citizens also should learn how to respect those with or upholding the rule of law, not only this and it will also allow peace to reign.

  5. That is true but they still do it on a daily basis… Banning them for life is good or sending them to fight bokoharam in North is bad either

  6. Nice update from Frank Mba but the big question is ‘who will enforce it’
    It is better said than done that is the problem we have in Nigeria
    I still saw the SARS men, the very day we heard that they have been banned from operating

  7. They Use To Intimidate People Because They Believe That They Can Do And Undo, At Least People Will Be Able To Identify Them If They Do Wrong Thing

  8. No doubt the police scout were made to combat crime in the country but today reverse is the case as there go abt extorting money from citizens

  9. They are lying nothing we change in there life, everybody in Nigeria police including there boss are the same bird the same felther.

  10. The police were made to fight crime but the level of harassment and intimidation get from them on daily basis dos’nt speak good of the Nigerian police force.

  11. please tell them hoo if I save my hair they will say am a cultis if I have a car they will say am a bad guy,is this the future of this country, it time to fight for our right.

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