Lawmaker, Akin Alabi files motion to dissolve SARS

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Akin Alabi, a member of the house of representatives from Oyo state has filed a motion to dissolve the special anti-robbery squad (SARS) of the Nigeria police force.

The lawmaker who noted that the security agency has made headlines in recent times “over ceaseless killings and attacks on innocent citizens”, added that SARS operatives have become so lawless that even the police inspector-general can no longer contain their excesses.

Alabi further stated that there is enough evidence in the public domain to proscribe SARS immediately.

“Policing in Nigeria continues to fall short of modern practices where citizens should be treated with utmost respect and decorum, therefore making it very difficult for an average citizen to truly trust that the police are their friends, he said

It is expected that the motion will be considered on Tuesday October 6.


  1. Yes I support the motion from akin alabi, he thinks very well and he spoke correct. Let reason together on what akin said,SARS should be dissolve because they have no work doing in the country. Why killing innocent people? They are full of corruption and so many things.👍👍

  2. If President muhammadu buhari himself in support of this motion that was filled by akin alabi could have been so perfect. Akin alabi raise a motion again special anti rubbery squad that federal government should dissolve them, it’s very important if they can do that or if you can not let them be the one to tackle the great terrorist in Africa bokoharam. Out of 💯% let SARS be at least 75% to face them, I think that would have even better.

  3. Though, I can’t dispute this motion because SARS are doing more harms than their good and if care is not taking they will turn themselves to demigod that we must comply with whatever they say. #EndSarsnow

  4. SARS are doing a great work but their atrocities are enormous and it’s glaring not hidden, if the IGP could urgently do something about it it will be an advantage to Nigerians but if not we will always see them as our enemy if they continue like this.

  5. In the olden days SARS were doing a great and excellent jobs but nowadays the reverse is the case because I heard the story of aninie, mufu olosaoko and others they were all captured by this SARS but recently they didn’t look after the thieves anymore except killing and maim of innocent citizens which is bad. This issue needs urgent attention by the government.

  6. Thanks and God bless you Sir
    Please these SARS should be dissolved with an immediate effect because their harrasment is too too much these days. Someone cant dress well for them again

  7. Since these SARS or whatever they are called feel they are above the law, the government has to dissolve them without any delay
    Enough of their rubbish

  8. If President Muhammadu Buhari Himself In Support Of This Motion That Was Filled By Akin Alabi Could Have Been So Perfect. Akin Alabi Raise A Motion Again Special Anti Rubbery Squad That Federal Government Should Dissolve Them, It’s Very Important If They Can Do That Or If You Can Not Let Them Be The One To Tackle The Great Terrorist In Africa Bokoharam. Out Of 💯% Let SARS Be At Least 75% To Face Them, I Think That Would Have Even Better.

  9. SARS Are Doing A Great Work But Their Atrocities Are Enormous And It’s Glaring Not Hidden, If The IGP Could Urgently Do Something About It It Will Be An Advantage To Nigerians But If Not We Will Always See Them As Our Enemy If They Continue Like This.

  10. In The Olden Days SARS Were Doing A Great And Excellent Jobs But Nowadays The Reverse Is The Case Because I Heard The Story Of Aninie, Mufu Olosaoko And Others They Were All Captured By This SARS But Recently They Didn’t Look After The Thieves Anymore Except Killing And Maim Of Innocent Citizens Which Is Bad. This Issue Needs Urgent Attention By The Government.

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