Naira Marley cancels EndSARS Protest, gives Police one Week to see changes

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Naira Marley has cancelled the EndSARS protest that was set to hold today, October 6 and he has also given the police force one week to take prompt action.

Naira Marley had tweeted

We won’t be protesting anymore because there’s a lot of changes being made right now. As a Marlian we will give them a week to see the changes and if there’s no changes we will start a mass protest. #togetherwecan”

This however did not go down well with some Nigerians as they expressed disappointment at the development.

Naira Marley cancels EndSARS Protest, gives Police one Week to see changes 6Naira Marley cancels EndSARS Protest, gives Police one Week to see changes 7


  1. Quite alright, what he did was right by cancelling the protest because it may lead to another violent and it could cost unrest in Nigeria.

  2. What naira Marley did was right because if another thing happened or mayhem occur, Nigeria government will hold him responsible and it may be charged to court to dance to the tune of what he will do. We shouldn’t see him as coward.

  3. Naira Marley do not know what activist means if does he won’t cancel the struggle, he should ask sowore how he does it. Naira Marley should go and learn or associate with those activist. Therefore, he should go and learn.

  4. I don’t want to believe it that you were paid some money, but anyways lets see how it goes that one week of grace you gave to them but if nothing happened the protest must hold because its too much for SARS

  5. Don’t expect any changes from Nigeria police, even don’t give them two weeks just give the 5years you will see there we not be any changes. That’s how they are. As malian let’s start the protests.

  6. Let’s give naira Marley some time to see his plans
    We can’t just start talking against him unless the one week he gave passes and he does nothing

  7. Naira Marley Do Not Know What Activist Means If Does He Won’t Cancel The Struggle, He Should Ask Sowore How He Does It. Naira Marley Should Go And Learn Or Associate With Those Activist. Therefore, He Should Go And Learn

  8. I Don’t Want To Believe It That You Were Paid Some Money, But Anyways Lets See How It Goes That One Week Of Grace You Gave To Them But If Nothing Happened The Protest Must Hold Because Its Too Much For SARS

  9. I don’t want you to council the protests again The SARS dissolve, we can just have it pend instead of council it, because I am also seeing some changes from IG as well, but after the two weeks of there’s no any positive changes, we mallian must do something.

  10. That’s a nice suggestion, but he just need to be carefull this time around because the security agency are looking for who to use as scape goat.

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