EndSARS: The Nigerian Army and Police were created to kill Black People and protect Western interest – Seun Kuti

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Nigerian singer, Seun Kuti has shared his thoughts about the #EndSARS campaign which has been on the lips and hearts of every Nigerian

Speaking in an Instalive video, Seun Kuti stated that some rich Nigerians and celebrities at the forefront of the campaign all have policemen they use to oppress fellow citizens. He further stressed that the Nigerian army and police were created to kill black people and protect Western interest and nothing has been done to change that.

Recounting how Niger-Delta activist Isaac Boro was killed by soldiers acting on orders of a foreign company, the singer stated that the oppressed has to fight to regain his freedom.

Seun Kuti further disclosed that his late father, Fela Kuti lost a house and his mother while fighting the “oppressor”. He further advised Nigerians not to sit back and watch security operatives, humiliate their fellow citizens


  1. This is truth but we will not sit back and be looking at them (security agencies) to be killing us like chicken, we won’t sit back and relax watching them brutalize us.

  2. Fela anikulapo kuti really tried for Nigerians in fighting these oppressors and so many people like him, may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. The brutality of police against Nigerians are beyond explanation and if we didn’t stand up against it they still continue doing so.

  3. Though, Nigerian police are oppressors because once they are in that uniform they will become something else. If we sit back and be watching them, they won’t desist from such attitude.

  4. Those who are suppose to protect d lives of the citizens are the one killing us. May God take them to where they belong

  5. SARS Must Be Banned O Its Too Much For Them I Don’t Know Them And Boko Haram Who Is Winning In Terms Of Killing Of Innocent Citizens.

  6. It has been long people started talking against the police because of their brutality especially the SARS people and nothing tangible has been done over it
    They should be banned permanently and the entire police force re orientated

  7. our political fly dear children out and allow the so called SARS to kill innocent youths and the President is saying nothing about this because we are not his cow.

  8. This actions that was taken by SARS should be there last mistakes, let have the believe that there is nothing like SARS anymore, all Nigeria has joined 🤝 hand together and say “EndSARS

  9. If we ask federal government to scrape SARS it won’t augur well, what we should be clamouring for is Reformation and if we see any err SARS officer he should be prosecuted and brought to book.

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