I cannot enter mosque and pray for Buhari no matter how much I love him – Sule Lamido

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Former governor of Jigawa State, Dr Sule Lamido says no matter how much he loves president Buhari he cannot go to the mosque to pray for him or advice him on how to better the lives of Nigerians.

Speaking to BBC Hausa on the sidelines of Nigeria’s 60th Independence anniversary, Lamido stated that he cannot pray or advise someone who chased his party out of power.

“You can’t say in the past 60 years of our independence that there is no progress, there is. But, honestly, our leaders are not taking advantage of the natural resources we have in the country to make us progress and live better, he said

“I am from an opposition party, no matter how much I love Buhari or his cabinet, I can’t enter mosque and pray for him. People called us [PDP] thieves and voted APC. So, it is left for them to judge now.

“If Buhari is doing good, they know and let him lead Nigeria forever, but if he is doing wrong, we are always there to come and takeover in order to do the right thing, he added


  1. If Nigerian and APC called you thief does that mean you are a thief. You shouldn’t have gone to that extent to hate so much, what you ought to have in mind is that history won’t forget whatever you do either good or bad.

  2. You made a big mistakes for saying such, no one should pray for his/her enemy to die but change of mind and habit. That means you bird of feather, I’m thinking if you get the baton your own will be worse than what president buhari is doing presently.

  3. Are you comparing your tenure with the current situation? During your time, they are selling crude oil at $100 dollar per barrel but now $30 dollar per barrel then what are you talking about? What you need is to compare your achievement with the current situation in terms of infrastructural development and others. Whether you pray for him or not what will will be.

  4. Despite that the bible said that we should pray for our leaders me sef I don’t pray for him because he’s not worth praying for. His administration is not giving us joy so why should I pray for him.

  5. Should we learn from our utterances, Arewa, muric, oduduwa and Biafra are commenting on the same problems engolving our progress and life insecurity. Or maybe Nnamdi Kalu has extra miles in enquest for self determination. Even in my village when a house boy felt oppressed that his staying with the master cannot be granted anymore he will resolve to self determination, the master will not be shooting him or starving him rather fine means to settle him amicably. Those northerners who are making it difficult for other northerners to support for a real one love in Nigeria are now coming to realise the need to come together as one people and not separate body to discuss the future. Well if Buhari government say under their dead body for such arrangement to happen then they should give way for others to get the seat and redeem Nigeria from breaking. Let them not anchor there and feel that power is every thing while the nation is breaking Or sliding down. All power belong to God.

  6. This talk is imaterial and if no importance to me
    Whether you pray for him..o or you don’t pray for him..o, I don’t think there is anything we stand to gain from that

  7. true talk sir our president is doing nothing in this country and we are setting down doing nothing, Nigerian fight for your right.

  8. President muhammadu buhari did not deserve prayers, they chase out PDP from power with there big lei, how can someone you chase out from power pray for you? Aside that you still condemned there past administration.

  9. Why uttering this kind of statement? What it is his offence? Most important thing is to learn how to forgive and forget. Human being should not have bad feeling about fellow human being.

  10. lol… So funny! But of a honest truth we need each other to succeed, we should intercede for one another during our praying time.

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