Lady and boyfriend disgraced after they paid herbalist N30k to hypnotise man who mistakenly sent N1million to her account

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A Nigerian lady and her boyfriend have gotten into serious trouble after they tried to dupe a man who mistakenly transferred N1million into their account.

According to the victim, the girl had always begged him for money, saying her mom is sick and needs to be treated. She sent her account number to him, and while trying to send N1million to someone, he mistakenly transferred it to her account.

She linked up with her boyfriend who chatted with a herbalist on WhatsApp and paid N30k to the herbalist to make the victim forget he gave them N1m.

The victim explained that he didn’t notice the error for days until his business colleague called to know why he hasn’t received the money.

He started his investigations and discovered that he sent it to the wrong account. He called this lady but her number wasn’t going. He later used someone else’s phone to call her and a man who is presumed to be her boyfriend picked the call and told him they scammed him of the N1m and he can’t get it back.

He reported the case to the state CID and they tracked the couple down. After going through their phone, they saw proof that they have been chatting with a herbalist who collected N30k from them to hypnotize the owner of the money and make him forget that he mistakenly gave someone money.


  1. That’s so bad of them, why would she do that to the person that has been helping you during your days of your problem. Paid herbalist to hypnotized your benefactor is a great mistakes.

  2. This is one of those ingrates that doesn’t allow any other person to get the favor of others, the person that has been assisting you right from the beginning you now pay back with evil, this is bad. That’s the consequences and you need to bear it.

  3. God is Lord of mercy and he has promised not to let his people down, with everything that he has done for you, your boyfriend now ask you not to return the money because of his greediness and you listen that evil advice. Though, you already had the evil mind if not you won’t listen to him. That man should deal with them seriously.

  4. The lady is an ingrate. Africans are too fetish believing in thrash
    The man should deal with them and collect his money back
    The herbalist should also be traced and arrested because he is a deceitful person
    Dubious characters everywhere

  5. This Is One Of Those Ingrates That Doesn’t Allow Any Other Person To Get The Favor Of Others, The Person That Has Been Assisting You Right From The Beginning You Now Pay Back With Evil, This Is Bad. That’s The Consequences And You Need To Bear It.

  6. The girl really made a mistake, why did she gave the harbalist money? For what now, she suppose to return the money or call the man remained him that “sir you mistakingly send 1m to my account how come, for her doing that she may be consider by the man. But paying babalawo money is not the right way.

  7. Once you have evil in mind definitely you will always get accompany by evil people, this so bad of her to reward someone that has been helping you with this kind of reward, it’s so bad. Nothing to worry about and you need to bear the consequences of your evil deef.

  8. To be frank with you girl you no try
    Someone that has been helping you now you want to pay him back by HYPNOTISING him abi. You are such an ingrate, you and that your boyfriend should be punished wella.

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