Oloture is very successful in Brazil’ – Brazillian Journalist Commends Nollywood Movie

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Nollywood movie, Oloture, is still enjoying positive reviews from critics. A Brazilian human rights activist and journalist, Raull Santiago, has revealed that it is a successful movie in his country.

Taking to Twitter, he also commended the lead actress, Sharon Ooja. His tweet reads:

“congratulations on this film, it is very successful here in Brazil. a very impactful job. #Oloture #Oloture @SharonOoja”

Ooja replying his tweet wrote; “Wooooooow Thank you soooo much“, she wrote.

The movie is based on the experience of an undercover journalist trapped in a deadly prostitution cartel. It also sheds light on the brutalities of sex work and human trafficking. Produced by EbonyLife Films, Netflix acquired distribution rights to the film in September 2020.

Oloture is very successful in Brazil’ – Brazillian Journalist Commends Nollywood Movie 4


  1. This is another giant stride for Nigeria, we always Excel wherever we are or found ourselves. Congrats to her.

  2. I think this film called @oloture is a film to watch because the way he described the film, it will be an interesting one. Kudos to her for the job well done.

  3. Nigerian is endowed with multi talented and we are also show casing it wherever we found ourselves, I will really appreciate him also for appreciating her work.

  4. I am just getting to know about this movie now, I have not head about it before.
    Well it is nice to know that the film is successful in Brazil
    Congratulations to the makers

  5. But the struggles make you stronger and the changes make you wise… And happiness has its own way of taking its sweet time.congratulations dear

  6. You are highly commended for the job well done outside Nigeria, this exceptional for someone like him to recognize your efforts, may Almighty God continue to crown your efforts.

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