Wizkid, Presidency clash over ‘Old Man’ tweet

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Nigerian musician, Wizkid, has replied Lauretta Onochie, Aide to President Buhari on Social Media, over her claim that he is dumb for addressing the President as an old man and in a disrespectful manner.

The Starboy Entertainment record label boss is, however, not moved by the clamor for respect by the aide, feels the lives of innocent youths being wasted by the police is more important than the issue of disrespect.

His reply reads:

“Lol a 77 year old man is not young ma.. You are a woman and a mother and kids are getting killed by police/SARS and this is all you have to say? shame on you!!! shame on you!! I am a father and age has nothing to do with demanding for a better governance in my country!!”


    1. Is president Muhammadu Buhari not really old? Answer the question, wiskid have right to criticize the president Muhammadu Buhari. Is free of speech in democracy.

  1. Be thankful for the bad things in life. For they opened your eyes to the goo things you were not paying attention to before.wizkid on point.

  2. Don’t try to dominate those who apologize for their mistakes b’coz they understand your importance more than their ego.

  3. Those aids to the president are the one causing issues or confusion to the president or giving false information to the president. Instead of addressing the message you are attacking the messenger.

  4. Oh boy see Wizkid o!!!!
    I love your courage dear, since the old people don’t want the youths to taste power then let them do what is right age has nothing to do here or is a 77 year old person a youth? Mrs. Lauretta Onochie your oga is an old man so stop attacking Starboy for calling your boss an old man please.

  5. Why our governments engage themselves in misplaced priority, instead of facing governance and correct the allege issue, they are busy exchange or dragging unnecessary issues. Are lauretta onuchi not a mother? She is talking as she is not a mother.

  6. Age doesn’t matter in this issue that you are dragging, you need to value humans life and also humans life must be very important to you. Killing of people is what we must condemn wether you are in government or not. Humans life is important and must be important to everyone of us.

  7. I think it’s pointless responding to that stupid, shameless charlatan called Lauretta Onochie. You dignify and give undeserved character to her whenever you respond to her silly/irresponsible talk/write-ups. She’s just like a pig that jumps right back into the mud after a cleanup. She’s forever accursed!

  8. Wizkid is on point and very right on what he is saying
    What matters now is not age but the problem on ground
    When an old man is misbehaving, the younger ones will direct him well

  9. he is right,put your self in the shoes our youths are dying for no good reason and the government are doing nothing about this how do you want us to feel.

  10. Good words from wizzzy. Thanks to you those useless people will know that there administration is very doom and will fail… Useless people

  11. I don’t think this woman has something to do if not she won’t be responding to some issues like this, wizkid is saying the truth and you are opposing him and abusing him back, this is so ridicle of you, instead of facing governance squarely you are responding to less concerned issue.

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