Stay away from U23 women if you want to settle down – BBNaija star Leo Dasilva tells men

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Big Brother Naija star, Leo Dasilva has taken to Twitter to advise men to stay away from women under the age of 23 when they want to settle down.

To back up his statement, he blamed under-23 women for every heartbreak faced by men.

He wrote:

“Stay away from U23 women if you want to settle down

“Every heart break faced by men are mostly caused by U23 women”


  1. Well I wouldn’t know the fact in this and if he can prove it since I have not experienced it
    May be he is talking out of experience or that he has seen someone that has suffered from it

  2. All men who are ready to marry should associate themselves or look for those matured ladies to marry if not, the heart breaking will continue.

  3. Age doesn’t determine who you marry but it depends on the way you (man) handle the situation because she behaves like under age and you too behave the same surely there will be constant misunderstanding which could lead to break up in the relationship.

  4. Some ladies nowadays have been engaged in what matured ladies are doing, if we are looking at under 23 as immature people before you know it, something else would have happened to them. Those single Mama we having now is most under 23s, so we should handle them with maturity.

  5. Your problem is not mine, your decision is not mine, my want os totally deferent from yours, what you hate might be my favorite.

  6. All men who are ready to married should just look for a good humble and God fearing lady to marry not just anybody

  7. With critical analysis you maybe right bcos this set of girls still see themselves as those that don’t care bcos there are not necessary in need of getting married compared to those I’m their late 20s

  8. For waiting now, your advice is not reliable because know tangible reason for that, one man food is another man poison. Thats life for everyone, you are discourage the people that they are already in a relationship with under 23years, this is absurd totally.

  9. All Men Who Are Ready To Marry Should Associate Themselves Or Look For Those Matured Ladies To Marry If Not, The Heart Breaking Will Continue.

  10. Some Ladies Nowadays Have Been Engaged In What Matured Ladies Are Doing, If We Are Looking At Under 23 As Immature People Before You Know It, Something Else Would Have Happened To Them. Those Single Mama We Having Now Is Most Under 23s, So We Should Handle Them With Maturity.

  11. You are very correct my brother, because at that stage they are not thinking of marriage all there brains are still telling them that they will be young forever.. When they get to 27 there eyes will now open

  12. It doesn’t mean either a woman is 23 or 50 before they get married how a woman behaves depends on how she’s brought up, we still see some that married early keep their home while some that get married when they are matured still misbehave, age is just a number.

  13. Age doesn’t matter in a relationship brother
    Even if you marry your sugar mummy once you are not treating her well you will still face that heartbreak you are avoiding with U23 Ladies.
    So you are not talking sense here

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