The most depressed people in Nigeria are celebrities – Ubi Franklin

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Media Personality, Ubi Franklin is of the opinion that the most depressed people in Nigeria today are celebrities.

In a tweet shared on his handle on Thursday afternoon October 8, Ubi said most of the celebrities deal with a range of problems they never tell anyone but rather keep a front that everything is okay with them

His tweet;

”The most depressed people in Nigeria are your favorite celebrities, we all want to keep that front that we are doing ok, some struggles they don’t tell you range from, Financial, health , low self esteem, cyber bullying and public perception/expectations , no hit song ETC.”


  1. The reason why most of the celebrities are usually depressed is that they use to live flamboyant life and expose themselves to they don’t up to.

  2. What celebrities need to know is that they are also human being like us but they use to see themselves as superior above others which is not so, if they (celebrities) can live normal life things would be better for them.

  3. The celebrities are more or less like ordinary Nigerians and they should learn how not to leave flamboyant life. They make use of money realize from it to do something meaningful in order to avoid depressed.

  4. Don’t say that again my brother, is not only celebrity o, alot of people are outside there which they are facing a lot of problem and they can share it to anybody.

  5. That one in your own view, if you go out there you will see something terrible, everybody is just managing there self, alot of problem is outside there, may Almighty Allah guide and protect us from God surfaness.

  6. Yes and that’s because they like to live flamboyant life and later feel depressed when they don’t live up to that expectations sometimes in life.

  7. Laugh Out Loud. But not all celebrities are depressed o, and the ones that are depressed I think is because of the way they are carrying themselves up and down and their flamboyant life styles that some of them are living.

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