#EndSARS: I am ready to sacrifice my life for my children to live – Aisha Yesufu

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Co-convener of the bringbackourgirls advocacy group, Aisha Yesufu says she is ready to sacrifice her life in the fight for the dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) for the safety of her children’s future.

In a tweet she shared via her twitter handle, reacting to the injustice meted on Nigerian youths by officers of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Yesufu said it will be irresponsible for her as a parent to leave the fight for her children.

She wrote:

“I will not be an irresponsible parent and leave this fight for my children.

“I am ready to sacrifice my life for my children to live

“I brought them to this world, and I need to fix the world I put them in. #EndSars #EndSARSProtest,” Aisha wrote on Twitter on Friday night.


  1. If we should be talking about SARS from now till tomorrow we will continue talking about it. All hands must be on deck to fight this atrocities of these SARS in order to curb future occurrence.

  2. Not only SARS, most of the policemen have forgotten they are also human being like us and if we don’t put on any uniform that doesn’t mean that they should be mishandling us, we have the right to protest once we are not embark on damaging things but reverse is the case SARS and other policemen will be looking for a way to brutalize the protesters. Kudos to you ma.

  3. Though, SARS has their own bad side of their stories but notwithstanding we still responsible men among them. What we need presently among them is Reformation, police should try to remove those bad ones and retain the good ones among them. Aisha you an activist and you shouldn’t relent your efforts, may God guide and guard you.

  4. Yes#ENDSARS @ENDSARS#ENDSARS, Aishat yusufu you will never die in the name of Allah. In the name of Allah SARS we come to an end.

  5. This woman is fearless..o
    I love the way she talks during demonstrations
    It is high time the people in government realizes that it is no more business as usual

  6. By the grace of God you shall not die, your life will not come to an end like Nigeria#SARS. WERE ARE DOING THIS JUST BECAUSE OF OUR CHILDREN NOT TO SOFAR LIKE US AND NOT TO NE KILLING ANYHOW FROM USELESS SARS

  7. Wow!!!
    I like as Nigerians are reacting to this #End SARS issue if we continue to protest like this government will have no other option than to dissolve these terrorists group called SARS.

  8. Virtuous woman indeed! Funny enough, the police who where sent to protect lives and prosperity causing more harm than good, this doesn’t speak good of the Nigerian police at all.

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