“I have nothing to hide” – Lawmaker Obasa says after he was invited by EFCC

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Lagos State House of Assembly Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa has stated that he has nothing to hide after honoring an invitation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Obasa was grilled on Thursday October 8 over allegations of fraud and financial misappropriation. However in a short statement released thereafter, the speaker stated he honored the invitation as a responsible citizen and lawmaker.

He said; “The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission invited me today (Thursday). As a responsible citizen and lawmaker, I honoured the invitation. I have nothing to hide. When we are called upon by law-enforcement agents in their investigations, as responsible citizens, it’s our duty to oblige them


  1. It’s only time will tell whether you are having something to hide or not, I know that if there’s nothing you won’t be invited by them. We shall see.

  2. When I didn’t have anything to do them, I wasn’t invited but you something with them that’s why you were invited. Therefore, whatever the issue you are having with them you should sort it out.

  3. You said, you have nothing to hide upon having 60 something account that you are operating, upon what. We will be waiting for the outcome of the EFCC, whether you have something to hide or not.

  4. EFCC should do his work without partiality, if he later found guilty of the allegations he should face the full wrath of law without any preference.

  5. Iif you are invited by EFCC it your right to honor the invitation, you use that one brainwashed our head, if they open book to your turn and they invited you, you must answer them, and if they find you guilty…it left for you to face the consequences.

  6. Been accepted the invitation it give you more respect allot, you are not the only lawmakers that EFCC we invite to the custody and they refused to accept the invitation, for them not accept the invitation shows theu are already guilty, because if you are invited by EFCC is not mean anything just an ordinary interrogation. My man as you go to EFFCC is very ok for you.

  7. You have no other option than to answer anytime you are called to come and account of any suspected fraud and please don’t hide anything as you have said just say it as it is and God will bless you

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