After 5years in Power, APC blames PDP for creating SARS, hails Buhari

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The spokesman for the ruling All Progressives Congress has blamed the Peoples Democratic Party for creating the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the police which was scrapped by the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, on Sunday.

The spokesman for the APC, Yekini Nabena, said this in a series of tweets on Sunday while reacting to the scrap of the police outfit.

“Who created SARS? PDP,” Nabena tweeted.

Nabena, in a further statement signed on behalf of the APC, said the scrapping of SARS showed the resolve of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to ensure police reforms.

He, therefore, called on civil society organisations and Nigerians as a whole to work with the IG to ensure that the reforms are holistic.

The APC spokesman wrote, “The APC welcomes the disbandment of the Special Anti Robbery Squad and views the responsive decision as a major and concrete step towards. President Muhammadu Buhari affirmed resolve to achieve better policing and necessary reforms.


  1. Chaii the Apc of a thing and there administration is very useless… They just like to make other example of failures… Useless people. You havent even been in power for long when people stated shouting of hardship

  2. APC always blaming PDP for everything in the country, I Don’t think APC knows what to do or knows the direction where they are heading to, this APC government tired me.

  3. APC has took over power since 2015 and up till the moment still blaming PDP, we all knows that PDP didn’t do well that’s why we voted for you and you promised us change, till today there’s no changes in what we said we changes on. APC blaming PDP on SARS, shame on them.

  4. I think yekini nabena is maden, because of he did not mad he can not be blaming PDP for creating SARS, since when APC come to power which one have you create??? PDP create special anti robbery squard as special unit under Nigeria police force to create more employment in the country. What has President muhammadu buhari and APC in general has created???? Useless people, same bird same Felder.

  5. When would APC will stop blaming PDP for their woeful performances? We said we need improvement in Nigeria and we brought you people in, instead of giving us better Nigeria the reverse is the case, day in day out everything is worsen. If you know that this things are beyond your charisma then they should resign instead of blaming there woeful performances on PDP

  6. I don’t think you recheck your statement before you release it Media, because this your statement shows how ignorant you are, let me tell you why you are such an ignorant….do you Know the different between somebody that create job and somebody that can not do anything???? You keep on blaming PDP for creating special anti robbery squard….for what? So you are blaming for creating job??? It shows how your useless APC want to rule, let even assume SARS is not good, this is President muhammadu buhari 5years in office together with APC as a party, you did not think of council them before Nigeria citizen now teach you what to do. You must be mad.

  7. APC second name is PROPAGANDA
    They are always blaming other people while no one is seeing anything they are achieving on their own
    Blame game is their key and it is very disturbing

  8. when will have PDP in power SARS was not like this SARS re doing this because the government is not doing well APC should check they governors nd stop blaming PDP how long will this blame continue going

  9. APC is a failed government that originated from PDP. They are blaming PDP when 85% of persons in APC came from PDP. 2023 let’s use the passion we used for BBN and #Endsarsnow to vote old people out of power.

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