Even Jesus was crucified – Burna Boy reacts after his song was rejected by #EndSARS protesters

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Burna Boy has reacted to a video of #EndSARS protesters rejecting his song during the campaign. 

Recall that the singer ignited outrage with his continuous silence amid the protest against police brutality in spite of challenging Nigerians to “fight for their right” in the past. 

In the video shared on social media, the protesters were heard saying “Burna Boy has been canceled, we don’t want Burna Boy.”

However reacting to this, Burna Boy tweeted “even Jesus was crucified”.

Even Jesus was crucified - Burna Boy reacts after his song was rejected by #EndSARS protesters (video)


  1. Is never mean anything, is either they rejected or not, they should play anything to just let the protests went peacefully, the matching musoctis fela anikulapo,. But since fela is no more, burnaboy is very feet for it. Anyhow just #ENDSARS

  2. Burna boy forget the past and let focus what’s on ground now, we must join 🤝hand together to fight for our children and onborn child, why must people we believe they securing us can be killing is, is not so. Is either they take it or leave it#sars must end.

  3. Burna boy foiled Nigeria citizens hands..o
    People thought he will be one of the major champions of this ENDSARS campaign and lead it but he failed to be
    That is the reason the protesters are rejecting his song
    He has to find ways to mend his broken link with the people

  4. Since he chose to be silent on the protest let his song be silent too. You are talking about Jesus are you Jesus? See comparison

  5. Since He Chose To Be Silent On The Protest Let His Song Be Silent Too. You Are Talking About Jesus Are You Jesus? See Comparison

  6. May be because he back out in this fighting against the SARS, therefore, at this moment they won’t want to listen to his music.

  7. He should have joined them, at he has been voice out about the incident or any other things before. Notwithstanding you need to accept this too.

  8. That’s life for you, sometimes you will be happy while sometimes you will be sad. Nothing else than to accept the current situation. Ride on burna boy.

  9. Even though he didn’t come out to lead the protest at least to some extend he still contributed by mounting of banners on the road side.

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