September Giveaway Final Update

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Three of our readers have said they did not receive any alert for month of September. Our records show the funds were sent (Some people have spent money without even looking at where it came from o)

Hope Stephen , Michael Tailor, Kolawole Ashabi please see below.

We suggest going over your transaction history with your bank.

Tailor (Michael Chukwudubem Uwaechie)- N1000

Your funds were sent on Oct 5th/6th. We sent N1000 instead of N750. Please also check your history on the 6th too. See proof below.

September Giveaway Final Update 8

Kolawole Shakirat Ashabi

N1000 sent Sept 30th. Please also check for next day i.e Oct 1st. See proof of transfer below.

September Giveaway Final Update 9

Hope Stephen

N1000 sent Oct 4th. Please also check account deposits for Oct 5th. See proof of transfer below.

September Giveaway Final Update 10


  1. I kolawole Shakirat Ashabi confirm the transaction successfully delivered. Thank you so much #naijaexpress

  2. Some people are just spending money without looking we’re the money may come from. Try to check your transaction correctly because #naijaexpress don’t promise and failed.

  3. Most times the banks are the cause of all these discrepancies
    The don’t always give Alert and this throws up so much confusion between the sender of funds and the receiver of the funds

  4. It happens to me also,I don’t see alert but I later check the account and I saw u credited the money into my account. Thanks bro

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