Actor, Bolanle Ninalowo expresses skepticism on the dissolution of SARS

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Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo has expressed his skepticism regarding the dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS.

Sharing a tweet via his twitter handle, he asked where the officials of SARS would be redeployed to and also their new job responsibilities before he chants his congratulation song to Nigerians.

He wrote:

Before I will fall for this Congratulations Nigerians thingy, I need to understand what role these ‘ex sars’ officials will be playing when redeployed to other police units”, the actor tweeted.


  1. Yes we need to no, it shouldn’t have pending for some time we suppose to know the units you want to create for the sars, redeploy or not redeploy is not the matter for now, let is know if our protest we still be continuity, because if we are not happy about the units you are trying to create that means the protest we still continue.

  2. The great actor is saying the truth o, because police is always police, they are useless they may have some patience for some time and later do what is funny, but I believe the Nigeria youth now, thins has extremely change now, of we are not happy with what is happening in the country now we know what to do. In addition to it… President muhammadu buhari should be expecting the greatest protest from Nigeria youth against the impeachment of the president muhammadu buharinin office.

  3. Any work they police likes let them assign to the dissolved SARS members. It is their business, all we know is that we do not want the continuous killings of all the innocent masses

  4. Police has different sections in their commands. therefore, we don’t need to be scared of anything about them. Congrats to Nigerians.

  5. Always remember, you may not be able to reach what’s in front of you, until you let go of what’s behind you.let sar go.

  6. All Nigerians are happy with the dissolution of this SARS and I hope Nigerians also will amend their ways, not to embark on evil acts.

  7. I think we are less concerned about SARS redeployment, their is a lot sections in the police. IGP will announce the next step to take. Congratulations to Nigerians.

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