#EndSARS: Dear Nigerian Youths, you are powerful – Timi Dakolo

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Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo, has addressed Nigerian youths regarding the issue of SARS and police brutality.

In a tweet he shared on Twitter, Timi Dakolo who has been active in the ongoing protest urged the youths to continue with the protest as he reminded them to never forget the power they possess.

“Dear Nigerian youths, You are that Powerful. Never forget that.”

“Dear Nigerian youths, This Nigeria is Ours. Together we can and we must. we are all we have and So aluta continua” he wrote


  1. You are right bro Nigerian youths are very powerful they must achieve anything they wanna achieve as they came out in group to protest against SARS and they have succeded in that
    Kudos to Nigerian Youths.

  2. We are still on the street, continue our protesting, nobody will even listen to useless President muhammadu buhari or the federal government.aluta continue.

  3. Nigerian youths are powerful and we all know that we are but some of us are using the power negative. If we could use that power positively, things would change for better.

  4. We hold the power to put Nigerians in stand still but unfortunately, we don’t know the power confide in us because if we do, will use the power positively.

  5. I think what next for Nigerians youths is to protest on exhorbitant money collected by our politicians. If we express our grievances they won’t listen to us. Youths should also channel their energy towards positive things.

  6. True talk the power resides with the people and never the leaders but for a long time now, the people have been keeping quiet as if they were being held by juju
    Now it is like they have woken up

  7. We Are Still On The Street, Continue Our Protesting, Nobody Will Even Listen To Useless President Muhammadu Buhari Or The Federal Government.Aluta Continue

  8. I Think What Next For Nigerians Youths Is To Protest On Exhorbitant Money Collected By Our Politicians. If We Express Our Grievances They Won’t Listen To Us. Youths Should Also Channel Their Energy Towards Positive Things.

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