#EndSARS: Show proof of dissolution by closing SARS detention centers – Senator Ajibola

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Lawmaker representing Osun Central at the National Assembly, Senator Ajibola Bashiru has called for the closure of all detention centres used by operatives of the now-disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

In a tweet he shared via his twitter handle, He expressed that people have lost confidence in government institutions, hence urged the police authorities to demonstrate a commitment to ending SARS by closing detention centres.

He wrote;

Beyond terse statement that SARS is dissolved, the police authorities must demonstrate commitment to #EndSARS by showing evidence like closure of the many SARS detention centres and formations. It is unfortunate that government institutions has lost confidence of the people!


  1. Sir no be small o
    They should show us proof that SARS has been banned so that the citizens will be convinced that true true SARS has been banned because this is not the first time they told us that SARS has been dissolved.

  2. Insha Allah after the #ENDSARS our next agenda is #buhariMustGo. The confidence that we have already loose in the last 2017.

  3. That is truth of it, Nigeria government should show the sign of response to the agitation of concern citizens whenever we are yearning for what we are not satisfied with.

  4. Government should learn or sincere with any policies being established if not, we will loose the trust we have in them completely. That’s truth of it, government should close all the detentions operated by this so called SARS.

  5. Government of nowadays don’t use to listen her citizens because if they do they should have done the needful before escalating to this stage. You should also tell them whether they will listen to you.

  6. Rightly said
    We have all lost confidence in any matter concerning the government. They have all failed us and put us all in agony so we are no more interested in them
    Nigeria must change for the better whether they like it or not

  7. They Should Show Us Proof That SARS Has Been Banned So That The Citizens Will Be Convinced That True True SARS Has Been Banned

  8. SARS are evil. They heartlessly treat their fellow citizens like animals. They derive so much joy from torturing and killing their fellow human beings. To show that they know what they are doing, they will never extend that torture and painful death to the members of their own families. I hate them with passion.

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