Ex-BBnaija Star, Khafi makes offer to President Buhari

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Former BBnaija housemate, Khafi Kareem has made an offer to president Buhari.

Khafi, a police officer with over ten years experience abroad has offered to advice the president and share ideas on how to reform the Nigerian Police.

Taking to twitter she wrote;

“Dear Mr President, if this is so, I would like to offer my 10 years+ experience of policing abroad and share ideas I have with @policeng…”


  1. It left with Mr President to accept the big offer, I know President muhammadu buhari very well he will never cope with the advice, look at how Mr President react to governor ganduje aids statement against muhammadu buhari. That man is useless.

  2. Lovely one. I feel so happy to hear this
    Let the government of the day give this lady a chance and see what she has to offer
    No one knows it all and since she has been abroad, she must have learnt a lot

  3. OMG! Ex BBNaija makes offer to the retired general of army, this is ridiculous. Nigerian president self. I don’t know what to say.

  4. Which kind offer does it make for the president? I’m wondering why former general behaving like novice on the face of securing in Nigeria.

  5. This useless man will not listen to anything, especially something like this…he is very stubborn, kuafi Said she has some idea to offer you without paying dim,…ots better for you now to welcome the idea and invite her, it will help your career.

  6. If she has something to offer to the president nothing bad because on the death of elephant we would see different knives. Is it because the president always keep quiet?

  7. Oga pls don’t just west ur time because he will not listing to u he is someone who like doing his mind he don’t pay attention to advice

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