TASUED 400-level student on the run for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend to death (Photos)

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Daniel Johnson, a 400-level student of the Tai-Solarin University of Education (TASUED), Ogun State, is currently on the run after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend, Bukky, a 200- level student of the same institution to death.

Bukky had been in a toxic on-and-off relationship with the suspect and her father, who is a lecturer in the same school was aware.

According to reports, Bukky was allegedly invited by Johnson to his house on Sunday , October 11 to settle their differences. She went to his house in Abapawa, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, and he beat her up and stabbed her, leaving her for dead.

Afraid he had killed her, Johnson ran off. Bukky reportedly managed to jump the compound fence and was then spotted by neighbours who rushed her to the hospital.

Despite efforts to save her life, she died at the hospital. Meanwhile, Daniel Johnson is still at large.

TASUED 400-level student on the run for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend to death (Photos) 6TASUED 400-level student on the run for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend to death (Photos) 7


  1. Hmmmmm!!!! What a gurry photo. People can be very wicked at times..o
    Taking another persons life… hmmmmm I wonder..o
    Why is he on the run nah? He should come back and finish the war he has started… foolish idiot

  2. What a sad news? What could have happened that warrant killing of fellow human being? This is callous. Police should look for him and also charge him to court.

  3. Relationship is not by force, ladies and gentlemen should always have this at back of their minds that relationship is not a matter of do or die. Once you know that your moving together won’t work together you depart.

  4. This is terrible for young people nowadays, the way they are treating one another is very bad, they don’t even care to know one another before they engage themselves. Ladies should to know her boyfriend very well before they engage in deep relationship.

  5. God have mercy what sort of heartless boy is this nah. Which means the issue that you want to settle with her was to kill her abi? Her spirit must hunt for you nonsense boy
    I thank God that her father is aware of the relationship and he’s a lecturer of the same university you attend your carrier don finish be that.

  6. He deserve to death, country that have law practicing, someone we now decided to kill human being, no need of further interrogation just take him to court and the Justice should said they should hang him to death.

  7. No matter what, killing her is never the solution. U won’t go free and u will also be kill,so u could feel the pains too

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