We’ll make sure replacement for SARS is acceptable – Osinbajo

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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has commented on the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). 

Osinbajo who spoke to state house correspondents on Monday October 12, said they will make sure the replacement for SARS is acceptable by all stakeholders in the country.

He said; 

“I think the most important thing is that SARS has been disbanded and that the IGP has also committed to ensuring that not only is it disbanded, but that whatever takes its place has the full participation of the civil society groups and all other stakeholders. 

“A few minutes ago, the president also spoke about it, and spoke in particular that the disbandment of SARS is only the first stage in a full scale reform of the police force.

“I think everyone is now committed to seeing a police force and also a law enforcement that will meet the expectations of Nigerians. The purpose of law enforcement and the purpose of policing is for the safety of lives and livelihood of Nigerians. So, we are all committed. I don’t think it’s the exclusive preserve of anyone, we are all very committed.

“The president has also spoken about the prosecution of all law enforcement agents who must have committed wrongful acts. I think all these are commitment, but we must also understand that it’s a process; it is not an event. Reform is a process and we must all commit to it and must stay focused on those issues.

“I think the clear message is that there is a government commitment to ensuring that the process of reforms, those who have committed wrongful acts, are duly investigated and prosecuted. And that whatever replaces SARS is something that is acceptable, first of all compliance with all of the tenets of the rule of law, and human right rights.

“I think these are deep issues that we are all concerned about, I don’t think one person is more concerned than others. I have also been involved in many cases of many young people trying to resolve these kinds of conflicts that have been reported. I think it is a good moment for the police force and for all of us to try and reform the police. We are all committed to it.”


  1. Well said, professor yemi osinbajo not only disbanded but Also Reformation of police at large because government always make promises without fufilment and I hope this time around things will change positively.

  2. That is good to hear… But the reform should be thorough and it’s efficient should also be visible for us to know the purpose of our protests and efforts

  3. If we didn’t protest or register our grievances, government won’t listen to us but thank God today we are able to let our voices out and let the government knows that we are not satisfied with the way SARS are operating in our country. We are looking in anticipation on what you have said.

  4. The issue is that those who err in the SARS and police at Large are not brought to book that is why the brutality continue everyday, if police are able to deal with those who committed this atrocities severally, it would have serve as a lesson to them but they don’t do that. We want to be seen the punishment meted to them not by mouth Mr. Vice president.

  5. Mr vice president, as can see Nigeria has some love for you, but I don’t want you to put your self into trouble, Nigeria is not talking about disbanded, let me ask you of you were the father of the people lost there life not even when the protest started, but citizen has been killing by SARS already, if you are the father of them, how would you feel. Police reform may be necessary but what we want today is to dismiss the unit called SARS.

  6. No one is interested in your big grammars and promises
    We are fed up with you people. As you are talking the police is still shooting at innocent unarmed politicians
    It is high time the government knows they are no matter re talking to fools

  7. You are very correct Mr. Vice President but it has been long we are hearing that Police will be reformed but up till now nothing has happened
    Maybe lets just hope it works this time around.

  8. Sir you spoke well, the reform of the Nigeria police is not enough, we want the dismiss, we want a solid way to identify the sars that been into the victim and we want a great punishment from inspector general of police, and the kind of punishment we want is to dismiss them either you are good or bad once you are in the same unit as SARS you must go.

  9. That Is Good To Hear… But The Reform Should Be Thorough And It’s Efficient Should Also Be Visible For Us To Know The Purpose Of Our Protests And Efforts

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