American Rapper, Kanye West joins #EndSARS protest

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American Rapper, Kanye West has lent his voice to the ongoing End SARS protest.

In a tweet he shared via his twitter handle, he said the government must answer to the cries of the people.

See his tweet below:

American Rapper, Kanye West joins #EndSARS protest 4


  1. With the rate and force the youths, old and young are protesting against this #EndSRARS the government will know that Nigerians just kept quiet on what they are doing to the citizens.

  2. The embarrasment we are facing in the front of this people is beyond explanation. Nigeria government should put an end to this brutality.

  3. Welcome our brother from another continent, we really appreciate you for Lent out your voice in the brutality of Nigerian citizens from the police.

  4. We really appreciate you in sharing from our plight. I hope with all this agitation and protest, Nigeria will urgently find lasting solution to it.

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