#EndSARS protests targeted at Buhari not SARS – Former Zamfara Senator, Kabiru Marafa

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Former Zamfara senator, Kabiru Marafa has alleged that the #EndSARS protests holding in different parts of Nigeria is mainly targeted at the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration and not the controversial police unit. 

Marafa who urged the president to be wary of those seeking to dislodge his government, averred that the protests could lead to bigger problems.

The former lawmaker asked the protesters to be careful in the demand of dissolution of the police unit as it could to lead to increased insecurity. 

Marafa said; 

“The president needs to shine his eyes and be very careful. The president may be playing into the hands of his enemies. My take is that some people are eager to do away with this government by anyhow.

“By staging this protest to call for the disbandment of the SARS, I’m afraid we may be descending into greater problems, especially where I come from. At the end, the same people will come out to accuse the government of failing from protecting the lives of the citizens.

“So, I think there is a need for all of us to be very careful in some of the decisions we take. I come from Zamfara State and I have fair knowledge of what we are going through now. I also know what our neighbours in Katsina, Sokoto states are going through. 

“I cannot see the reason why people; in a village of not more than 3,000 people, more than 200 people were killed within two hours and this thing is going on and on.

“Nobody stages a protest against it. Questions are not being asked as to why these people are being killed; on why people are being abducted and on why ransoms are being paid every day.

“But because of some misguided actions of a few SARS operatives, you now staged a nationwide protest, calling for dissolution of SARS. We need to be very careful. The president needs to shine his eyes and look at these things beyond what these people are doing.

“Some people, maybe are unhappy with this government and maybe they want to ignite a problem from somewhere. One thing may lead to the other, before you know it, it will become a national problem. Can we live without SARS, in one form or the other? It is not possible.

“The essence of government is about protection of lives and properties. Instead of strengthening the security agencies, look at where we need to improve, you are calling for the disbandment.”


  1. This man should go and sit down. He should know that the people are wiser now and do not have time again for those their antics
    SARS Must Be Ended

    1. We don’t asked them to end police as a force rather we said end SARS. Is it only SARS are police force? There are lots of trained people in police force that can handle the same task that they engaged this SARS. They can come up with another section and the same responsibilities. So, nobody asks them to end police as a force.

  2. When you were in the Senate, what was your contribution? Now you are saying rubbish, you better go and sit down somewhere and let us lend our voices out to the president. What of other securities? Can’t they secure lives and properties?

  3. Don’t worry, we are coming back to those in position of power or holding a political post. We are telling you to reduce your salaries and allowances and you don’t want to listen to us, the day that we are going stage a protest on reducing salary is coming, so don’t worry.

  4. How thus that one concern us? You better go seatdown for one place, your speech is disturbing the audience, marafa about waiting you call your fucking name? Sars must end

  5. False talk , you just open your deity mouth and started saying rubbish, you see everyone is contributing and you also want to contribute, you are not the part, useless fellow.

  6. This fool is spewing nonsense… This protests is to stop the police brutality and also to blame this buhari led administration of there lack good governance and leadership

  7. is this man OK because on what he is saying I don’t think so pls advice should go to work nd talk sense into him before it go out of hand

  8. I agree with you my brother. If Buhari is the main target, it’s because he is the head of this government that is responsible for hunger, suffering, killings and insecurity that is being experienced by the masses. Even if SARS is scrapped, the agitation will continue because Nigerians have been pushed to the wall and they are fighting back.

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