Don’t spend any money, End SWAT now – Don Jazzy

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Nigeria music producer, Don Jazzy has called for the scrap of the new police unit, Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) which is a replacement of the recently disbanded department of the Nigeria Police Force, Special Anti-Robbery Squads (SARs),

The Mavin boss in a tweet via his twitter handle condemned the new unit, tagged it as unnecessary and called for its immediate termination to avoid the Government from listing unnecessary expenses in setting up the unit.

He wrote:

“They should just end this SWAT now before it starts o.

“’Nobi’ tomorrow now they will say they spent money to do logo, spend money to do uniforms. Don’t spend any money o, end it now before it matures,”


  1. This is unacceptable to the masses and should be scrapped with immediate effect
    Wasting any money on it is total mess

  2. There must be a unit tackling the arm robbers in the country because if there’s none Nigeria be in a in the hands of terrorist.

  3. The name doesn’t matter a bit but what matter most is the work that they will be doing. All what government needs to do is to reform the entire police force and reorientate them.

  4. We don’t need to embark on any protest because of the name without seeing their work, we need see how they perform before saying anything for now.

  5. That is good cuz they are just doing nothing in what th citizens demanded of them regarding this issues… SARS should be scraped completely and not the creation of another units whereby only the name was changed

  6. We don’t need another sars…. What we need is the of the police from the lower level to the higher level

  7. Reform is not an option but restructuring the only options that we need and they need to show us the proof of that restructuring

  8. Hahahahahah very funny
    You are very much correct Don Jazzy because if this
    team stands now the next thing we will hear is
    that they spent 300Billion Naira for SWAT Logo and Uniform.

  9. They should make sure that is only educated well trained professionals that should make up this new team, those SARS guys should be no were near the new team they have performed below standard they lack understanding about the ethics and about the job.

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