EndSARS protest: The protest has continued because the people mistrust the government – Deji Adeyanju

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Human Rights activist, Deji Adeyanju has revealed that the EndSARS protest has continued despite the IG’s announcement concerning its disbandment because the people do not trust the government as this is not the first time a pronouncement as this has been made.

Adeyanju said Nigerians would stop protesting when they see seriousness on the part of the government to reform the Nigeria Police Force, NPF.

“The protest continued because there is a mistrust in the people about the government because this is the third time government is announcing the dissolution of SARS but there have been no political will to do it. People don’t trust the government, that is what you are witnessing, he said

“It is naivety to think that the protest is only about SARS, the protest is a combination of several issues and there is a general frustration in the country.

“The government should not lean the frustration on the people because they are human beings. In the last five years, the economy has been very bad, from the records you can see how high the unemployment rate is, and we have never had it this bad, you can see the hike in essential commodities, so it has been so crazy and not easy for people.”

On the protest ending, Adeyanju said: “It would be difficult to say. The General consensus is that the protest should continue. It’s been days now after the ban. Any sign that the police are making any serious move to genuinely reform the police? So these are the things that would determine if the protest would come to an end or not.

“I have not heard of Nigerians calling for a revolution, yes there are people calling for revolution of ideas here and there, however, we should not try to shift the narratives away from the Nigerian youths.

“This protest is not about anybody or group, it’s about Nigerians, they should allow them decide what they want and how they want it, you can see them expressing it on the streets.”


  1. That’s the issue on the ground, if government wants to earn the trust of her citizens they should always come to the need of their citizens when it’s matter most without that Nigeria won’t trust them.

  2. Government should always make sure that they are honest and transparency in their dealings, if they can do that for us, we will have the trust in them because this is not the first time that you will promise and then you will fail us.

  3. The protest should not end..o
    Even if they reform the police, what of NEPA and other establishments of government that are not working
    The government must sit up

  4. That is true… This protests is just the beginning of a very large scale of revolution which is what we need in all this time……

  5. It is the beginning of large restructuring of the whole federation cuz it is through the protest that the government will listen to what we need from them

  6. This protest is just the beginning of large restructuring of this rotten country… It is just getting started from the lower level to the highest level

  7. Yes o they should allow us show or fight for our rights
    Then in terms of mistrust as you said
    They caused it, the citizens trusted them before
    but now the Government have sold the trust
    we had for them.

  8. I think the government has done something serious about this issue, they’ve disbanded SARS and that is the first step.

  9. Government Should Always Make Sure That They Are Honest And Transparency In Their Dealings, If They Can Do That For Us, We Will Have The Trust In Them Because This Is Not The First Time That You Will Promise And Then You Will Fail Us.

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