“Daddy would show me blue film then do it with me” – 13-year-old girl recounts years of sexual abuse by her Uncle

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A 13-year-old girl has alleged that her aunt’s husband who she calls ‘Daddy’, rapes after playing pornographic videos for her to watch. She alleged he had been abusing her sexually in his shop and at their apartment on Surulere Street, Ojo area of Lagos, with a threat to kill her if she told anyone.

The revelation followed the arrest of the 48-year-old suspect, Mr. Charles Ekwe, by the gender-based unit of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, Lagos State Command, Monday, October 12.

The teenager has been living with her aunt since she was nine years old, after her father’s death. She alleged that the suspect forcefully penetrated her whenever her aunt was out of sight.

She said: “Each time daddy wanted to do it, he would show me blue film (pornography) in his phone. He did it many times. I cannot count the number of times he did it. I was scared to report to my aunty because Daddy threatened to chase me out of the house and kill me if I did.”

The girl’s aunt, Mrs blessing Ekwe, noticed all was not well with the teenager and questioned the girl. Upon inquiry, the teen disclosed how she had allegedly been subjected to sexual abuse by her uncle.

Mrs Eke was said to have taken the teenager to the hospital, where a medical examination conducted on her confirmed her hymen broken. During interrogation, the suspect told NSCDC operatives that he only fondled the girl’s genitals. He also admitted subjecting her to watching pornography on his phone.

The NSCDC Lagos State Commandant, Mr. Ayeni Paul, while addressing journalists, said: “The sexual abuse suspect will face the full wrath of the law and will be handed over to the appropriate agency for further investigation and prosecution. This is a heinous crime and all perpetrators of such, when caught, will be made to pay dearly.”

He also said the ”the gender-based unit of the Corps saddled with the responsibility of handling rape, domestic violence, sexual assault and defilement, as well as child abuse cases, has well trained officers to handle such cases.”

He, therefore, enjoined members of the public to report such cases to the command, for prosecution.


  1. 48 years old to 13 years old, when you have your own wife then what led you to this atrocities. He should face the full wrath of law without delay. This is evil of him.

  2. This man is evil and he must be punished for the crime he committed, this thing is not by force even if you want to have an affair, there’s a lot of ladies outside that you can have an affair with. So sad.

  3. We have many brethren, prostitute and so on if at all your wife is not enough for you or satisfied your sexual desire, and if you can’t do that you can marry another wife. This bad of him.

  4. this is why we keep asking parents not to be given they kids out in the name of my uncle or Aunty when u do that this is what u get nd is not good in our society now pls parents should learn from this ok

  5. He must be made to rot in jail.Imagine a mature man whom an innocent young girl calls daddy,a girl who lost her father,whom he is expected to treat like his child being abused by this same man.He is not even ashamed to say he fondled her trying to justify himself as if it’s not a form of abuse.You must be made to face the law for this.

  6. Let him face the consequences of the law, he is not a human being, how can a real person be showing a young girl like this blue film, at that age and you called your self her father. You must go to prison and pay some ransom to the families.

  7. See rubish, the man is stupid
    He should be castrated and put to shame and also taken to a phsyciatric doctor for treatment

  8. He didn’t even fear God…. He should be castrated and leave to spend the end of his miserable life behind bars….

  9. This is disheartening, how can these grown up man abuse a minor and find pleasure in it? so sad our society is becoming inhabitable day after day.. if i may ask whose to be trusted? only heavens has the answers to that.

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