EndSARS protest: Leave that group, they just want to ruin you – Kemi Olunloyo tells Wizkid

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Popular Nigerian singer, Wizkid has been given a serious warning against joining the EndSARS protest by controversial Nigerian figure, Kemi Olunloyo, who recently lost her Twitter account for supporting police against Nigerians.

Kemi took to her Instagram live video to appeal to Wizkid to jettison plans of joining the protest with some prominent Nigerian personalities as they have ulterior motives to use Wizkid and dump him like how they did to her some time ago.

She said: “Won fe ti e je (they just want to ruin you). They want to use you, don’t let the devil use you,” “Wizkid! Wizkid!! Ayo!!! Leave that group, they will destroy you. They just want to use you. Please do not let the devil use you.”


  1. How are they going to ruin him? Even if he leaves the stage now he has done lots of task and he won’t be forgotten for what he has done. You should desist from given such advice.

  2. Wizkid is an actor, he has done a lot and Nigerian have seen his impact whether you advise him to leave the stage or not. We need voice out on what we don’t want.

  3. Anybody who has been a victim in the hands of this wicked SARS won’t pray for such anymore. Whether advising or not, he has done a great job.

  4. madam so u like what the SARS is doing why will ask him not to protest so we should keep quite so that they will kill us all I don’t blame u because non of ur family member has been a victim of SARS that is y u have the mouth to talk

  5. Where did this Olunloyo came out from
    How how many of the Celebrities have been used and dumped in this #EndSARS protest.
    Everybody go wan show him or herself online, please Ma don’t discourage the young man because Nobody is
    using Anybody in this case, its for the betterment of every Nigerian Citizen.

  6. I just don’t understand what this woman stands for or represents on social media. I wish she spent her time and energy on social media to represent more matured issues that can touch lives positively. atleast going by her age I thought so. I stand to be corrected though.

  7. Wiskid this woman is an elderly person and her advise we be useful for you, according to Yoruba proverbs..”

  8. Well your advice is good for him but mind you this protest is not for the few Nigerian youth but for all nigerians.

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