#EndSWAT: No SARS officer will be part of new Tactical Team – Police

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The Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Mohammed Adamu has announced that no member of the now-defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) will be a part of the newly constituted Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team.

This announcement is coming following a nationwide protest that has lasted for days.

However, this move has not gone down well with the protesting youths as many described it as a change of name thus leading them to change the mantra from #EndSARS to #EndSWAT.

Reacting to the outcry, the spokesman of the Police Force, DCP Frank Mba put out a statement to clarify and allay the fears of protesters. He noted that the operations of the Tactical Team will be strictly intelligence-driven.

He also made it known that Members of the new Tactical Team will not embark on routine patrols. He also announced that they are barred from the indiscriminate and unlawful search of phones, laptops, and other smart devices.

Mr. Mba’s communique also states that those who will be members of the new Tactical Team must be free of any pending disciplinary matter especially those that touch on misuse of firearms and abuse of human rights.


  1. Ennnnh so this is what you decided, definitely you must know does SARS that has been killing innocent people all this while. According to your speech… you said no SARS we be in newly created swat, we can say only accept that if you can hand over the people that has been killing our people, or else…no going back.

  2. Your (police force) words always difficult to believe when you talk or say anything concerning Nigerians. There are so many issues that police force have been tested with and failed woefully such as bail is Free.

  3. If police force form special weapons and tactics (SWAT) to replace SARS how are we going to be sure that none of defunct SARS is not among those who will make SWAT. Nigerians will put you on probation of six months to know what to do then.

  4. Governments have failed woefully in many ways, then how are we going to be sure that they won’t be among because even if they are among, how are we going to identify them but what matter most is for them to exhibit good attitude in discharge their duties assign to them.

  5. It will be better if you can do so, but under whose supervision? And how do we know if they will not be among the team.

  6. You are talking to yourself
    We don’t believe you because you people have not been telling us the truth
    Go and tell that to the woods

  7. Well spoken but please let them be trained and examined if possible re train them monthly and punish any one of them that goes contrary to the rules

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