Nigeria now Africa’s largest rice producer – FG

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The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Sabo Nanono has disclosed that Nigeria is now Africa’s largest rice producer. 

Speaking at an event to mark the 2020 World Food Day, the Minister stated that a range of policies and initiatives to strengthen the rice and cassava value chains has been put in place.

Nanono further disclosed that they are harnessing the economic potential of both livestock and fisheries. 

He said; 

“Significant progress has been made to improve agricultural productivity since the inception of the present administration.

“To boost food security, Nigeria has curbed imports and has established a robust rice production programme to encourage more rice production at home.

“Efforts in this direction are starting to show results as Nigeria is now Africa’s largest producer of rice. The country is also the largest producer of cassava in the world.”

On diversifying the economy, the Minister said the Federal Government through the Agro Processing Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support project had set aside N600bn as loan support to 2.4 million farmers across the country.


  1. Ssee his mouth like 🐖 pig, is a big lier, I didn’t why you people like to they lie, we Nigeria are buying rice at the rate of 30k, Nigeria rice at the rate of 28k, what do we have? Big fools.

  2. So Sabo Nanono is the minister of agriculture and rural development???? He is not even recognize by Nigerians since he is not working smoothly. Stop fooling us, we don wise, see the amount we are buying rice and so many other things.

  3. Why is our leaders full of lies? You said Nigeria is the largest rice producer and we are buying rice either Nigeria or foreign at the rate of #36,000/#35,000. Then who is fooling who?

  4. Can Nigeria move forward with all these lies emanating from the so called our leaders? If we are the largest producer of rice in Africa, where are we buying the rice? How much are we buying the rice? Where is the designated place to buy the rice? And many more. Federal government should look for a way to bring down the inflation in the country.

  5. I have not seen any changes in what you are talking about when we are buying it at the rate of #35,500. It seems you are giving few people money or siphon the money within yourself because we have not seen any positive changes at all.

  6. No matter how good or bad you think country is, wake up each day and be thankful for life. Someone somewhere else is fighting to make the country great..surely the day has come.Nigeria is Gaint of africa remember that.

  7. who is this old fool u re the highest producing rice country in Africa how much is rice in ur highest producing rice country in Africa pls I beg u for not to insult u just keep that ur so call mouth quite

  8. May God punish anyone that fermented this black lies, either in government or writer. When local rice are more costly than imported rice.

  9. Yes Nigeria is the highest producer of rice in Africa on paper but not in real life
    Propaganda peddlers
    Where are they producing the rice and packing them
    Abeg make we hear word

  10. Nigeria now African Largest rice producer, yet we the Nigerians can not still afford the rice you speak of! So what are u talking about!!!

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