EndSARS Protest: If we turn these protests to carnivals, we are trivializing our frustration – Actress Bisola warns

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Actress, Bisola Aiyeola has warned against turning the EndSARS protest into a carnival.

In a post she shared on Instagram, she opined that the act will only trivialise the frustrations that led to the protest.

She wrote:

”My people, My people. If we turn these protests to carnivals, we are loosing focus oo and trivializing our frustration. Not everything is party party. Remember those who have died and those whose source of income has been halted.

EndSARS Protest: If we turn these protests to carnivals, we are trivializing our frustration - Actress Bisola warns 4


  1. The issue at hand now is not a matter of joke, then why would they trivialize the issue that bothering Nigeria youths. I don’t think so, if government quickly address the issue it won’t escalate beyond finding solution to it.

  2. It is not a matter of carnivals or mesmerizing, we are talking about the brutality of SARS that must end and also the police should put an end to dehumanizing treatment meted out to Nigerians. Therefore, issue like this can’t be trivialize.

  3. We can’t loose focus on this one because as you can see for now we are winning the war but we must win it completely because government can’t be trusted anymore. This protest it’s not a matter of joke.

  4. Obviously, we need to take control of our attitudes and actions, let not use this as a means of displaying our negative attitudes. Let just stay on track EndSars and police brutality now.

  5. You must be very extra careful, because federal government or IGP can use it against you and be arresting you, stay on your own, stand by what we hold by protesting against SARS.

  6. You are very much correct dear Bisola
    This protest is not a party protest but for the good of everybody in this country, so please lets take it serious so that we will achieve our aim out of it.

  7. u re right my sister we need to be focus on the protest before they will see it as if we re jokin nd that we don’t know what we really want

  8. I don’t see any thing wrong with the way the protest is going on
    The system of protesting this time around will let the government know that we come in peace but resolute in our demands

  9. This is a protest with difference no where in the world has seen this, the carnival and the food is what is motivating the youths its been a peaceful one.

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