I regret creating SARS – Retired Police Commissioner, Fulani Kwajafa

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Fulani Kwajafa, the police commissioner who created the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) has expressed regret for creating the controversial police unit.

Speaking in an interview on BBC Hausa, the retired police commissioner stated that the police unit has acted differently from its founding objectives. Kwajafa added that the disheartening news he has been receiving has made him feel like he shouldn’t have created the group in the first place if he knew it would turn out this way.

He said; “My name is Fulani Kwajafa. I entered the Nigeria Police Force in 1984. Then robbery was prevalent, this was when Buhari was Head of State. He (Buhari) got a lot of complaint that people were stealing from each other, robbing people — he told me and Mr Inyang, the then IGP, that we must do something about it or be fired.

“Mr Inyang called me and told me to come up with a plan to save the country from thieves, so I said okay. I told him to give me his trust, resources and officers to start work. After four months of creating SARS, there was peace, those who were not caught ran, and those who were caught were sent to prison.

“This thing frustrates me, there is no reason why because someone commits a crime that the person should be killed. There are laws and no one will give an order that if you see armed robbers kill the person. I have been hearing disheartening news, to the extent that I have thought to myself that it seems among the SARS officials, there are armed robbers.

“This is not why we created SARS, the reason is completely different, this is not the purpose. In fact, when I am mentioned as the creator of SARS, I feel ashamed. It’s a thing of regret for me.

“If I had known it would be like this, I wouldn’t have created it because people who know when I established the unit always say to me, is it not Kwajafa’s baby? But this is not what I birthed, it has been changed.”


  1. You don’t have to regret so much Sir, after all you had a good intention for creating it and did not know they will turn it to another thing
    No one is God that sees tomorrow

  2. That’s Nigeria for you, we always detailed from the goals and objectives why an organization is created which is not suppose to be. SARS have completely left the aims and objectives which they are meant for. They are the one suppose to be ashamed of themselves not you.

  3. Fulani kwajafa, you are not at fault for creating an organization that is meant to fight arm robbers and other criminals in the country and as that time , they carried out the task accordingly without compromised. Your name will always be remembered for good.

  4. What lost in this is trust, no one is ready to discharge their duties according to the oat of that office. When you established SARS then they are discharging their accordingly but now the reverse is the case. If from the top to downward can be contented with what were giving or having things will be better than this. You don’t have to blame yourself for establishing SARS.

  5. Sir don’t be ashamed of creating them, you did your part then, because you achieve your aim of creating the unit by then, is just that what it was created fore is total deferment from what they are doing now, thank God for created the unit then because it was required, but now is left with current IGP to dismiss them immediately.

  6. Baba police, you are not our problem, no any Nigeria we blame you for creating SARS because is what Nigerian required for then, SARS of now aday is totally deferment from the one you created then. You have tried enough and don’t ever be ashamed of yourself, you are icon in this country.

  7. Everybody makes mistakes. You don’t want to be judged by yours, then don’t judge anyone else.. end of the day, the past is unchangeable, but people change & life goes on

  8. I realize that life is risks. It’s acknowledging the past, but looking forward. It’s taking a chance that we will make mistakes, but believing that we all deserve to be forgiven

  9. Sir, you don’t have to feel bad or regretting creating SARS, you did that with good intension and you never knew it will turned this brutal. You are not to be blame for creating. It is the those recruited into the unit that turns it brutal.

  10. It’s is true that they achieve the purpose of there creation then but now they are just bunch of thieves that legally armed to terrorized the innocent people of this country

  11. You had good intentions sir, God knows your mind too. As man turned your good intentions to wickedness, so also man turned the goodness of God to wickedness and God said HE regretted this and subsequently destroyed the first world with flood….. GENESIS 6V5-7.

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