I was raped by SARS two year ago – young lady shares ordeal (photos)

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A young woman by name Chiatuiro Precious Chidera claimed at a protest that she’s joining the call to end SARS and its replacement SWAT because she was raped by officers of the police unit after which they still extorted money from her.

She said she will not bring her daughter into a world where she could be raped by officers who should protect her, neither will she bring sons into a country where they can be easily killed. For these reason, she says she will continue to protest.

Holding a placard at the End SARS protest, she said: “I was raped by these motherf**kers last two years. They extorted money from me too. What was my crime: I fresh. I fresh na crime? cannot give birth to a daughter in this country make them no go rape my daughter tomorrow. Make them no go shoot my son tomorrow. Na people pikin them they dead for Lagos state. End SARS. End police brutality.”

I was raped by SARS two year ago - young lady shares ordeal (photos) 6

I was raped by SARS two year ago - young lady shares ordeal (photos) 7


  1. Can you imagine, see people that we believe they are protecting us, they even the belong to mess. May God continue to protecting us appart from amed rubber we called SARS.

  2. That’s one of the brutality that we are talking about, how would you rape a lady without any offence? This is absolutely nonsense. They should completely disband this SARS of a thing.

  3. Is anything deferment between anti rubbery and amed rubber? Is SARS been protecting us or affecting us? SARS you will never achieve any good thing in your life, oloriburuku somebody.

  4. This SARS are evil. though, few of them are discharging their duty accordingly but when you have traitors among yourself there is way that that organization can move forward unless Reformation.

  5. Police should be reformed entirely not only SARS, look at this situation if the victim report to police, I’m sure that they won’t take any steps. SARS officers are comprised of evil people. May God help us.

  6. Those whose innocent live means nothing to is there something they can’t do, I felt your pain ma’am. We most stop all these brutality by the so call SARS and other uniform men.

  7. These SARS police officers committed a lot of crime in this country..o
    It is a sad thing that the government will carry guns and give to born criminals officially and they go about molesting innocent citizens without any one controlling them
    What a shame

  8. Can you just imagine this! Yet they kept on lying to themselves saying SARS has been banned while SWAT Is now on point ….. From kerosene to diesel

  9. Can You Imagine, See People That We Believe They Are Protecting Us, They Even The Belong To Mess. May God Continue To Protecting Us Appart From Amed Rubber We Called SARS.

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