If SARS is working, why has terrorism continued unabated – Shehu Sani slams Northern Governors

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Former Kaduna Lawmaker, Shehu Sani has lambasted Northern Governors over their support for the now defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS

The Chairman, Northern Governors Forum, Simon Lalong in a meeting with the president yesterday had called for the reconsideration on the approved scrapping of the police unit as according to him they have been useful in the fight against terrorism.

Reacting to this in a tweet, the former senator condemned their support for the police unit.

He wrote;

“Dear Northern Governors, if SARS is working in the North, why has kidnappings and killings by bandits and terrorists continued unabated?#EndsSARS”


  1. Those who called themselves northern governors should come out and defend this allegation, if we look at the situation in southern kaduna we will pity those living in that region. Their disadvantage is more than it’s advantage.

  2. Kaduna-abuja road is dangerous to travel, if you are traveling in that road you will just be praying to God for safe trip. If you need them in your region you can call ask for them and I hope the federal government will grant your request.

  3. Despite the present of the SARS in your area, those bandits, bokoharam and herdsmen don’t stop their atrocities committing in that region then what are you saying? Federal government should scrap it and come out with new ideas.

  4. True talk sir. If SARS are truly working in the North, there shouldn’t have been Badit in the north, kidnapping, Armed robbery among others. You should just let us know if they are working for you all. Or you are using them as your tools against opposition………

  5. I don’t even think that there is anything SARS in the Northern Parts of this Country because I have not heard that SARS killed or harassed anybody in the North, so I think thats why the are against bannding SARS.
    But if SARs is in the North then why haven’t the SARS stop the too much killings happening there.

  6. Thia is a question from SHEHU SANNI to northern governor’s, and it will be very sweet if they can answer the question properly.

  7. sir pls don’t mind them they don’t know they re saying those governors re fool, is because they re bland they can not see

  8. Shehu Sani thanks for your observation
    Tell your brothers if they will listen. I wonder the work of SARS in the north and all these crimes are taking place there on daily bases unabated

  9. Those bunch of fools are hypocrite…. We don’t want and they should be send bokoharam terrorist if of killing innocent people out here.

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