EndSARS: VP Osinbajo apologizes, faults govt

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Vice president, Yemi Osinbajo has apologized to the people and also admitted the fault of the government in the recent happenings.

According to him the government did not move faster in addressing the demands of Nigerians calling for a total ban of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS unit of the police.

Osinbajo, in a series of tweets on Friday night, said he knows many Nigerians are angry, and that their anger was justified.

He said he understands the feeling of many young people in the country, noting that many feel that the government has been too silent and has simply not done enough, adding that the feelings of frustration are justified.

He noted that far too many people have been brutalized by the police, saying that this is unacceptable, adding that it was the responsibility of the government to protect young people, even from those who are paid to protect them.

The Vice President also noted that the nationwide protests goes beyond agitations about SARS, adding that the government has undertaken comprehensive measures that will revamp the police by addressing issues of welfare, service conditions, and training.

EndSARS: VP Osinbajo apologizes, faults govt 12

EndSARS: VP Osinbajo apologizes, faults govt 13

EndSARS: VP Osinbajo apologizes, faults govt 14EndSARS: VP Osinbajo apologizes, faults govt 15EndSARS: VP Osinbajo apologizes, faults govt 16


  1. How I wish you are the president of Nigeria? This present president should dedicate some of his duty to vice president so that everything will go accordingly and how is suppose to be going. The president buhari is too silent on the critical issues.

  2. I don’t think you understand the plight of Nigerians and what we are going through because if you do, you won’t hesitate to respond to such critical issues like this i.e police are brutalizing Nigerians, we are facing hardship in the country and many more without doing anything and you are saying that you understand the plight of the citizens.

  3. Government should have it at back of their minds that they are not above the Nigeria citizens, we are the who gave them the power and instead of them to always respond and respect our views and opinions, they don’t bother to listen. We are suffering in this country and you must immediately come to our aids.

  4. This man is very nice, this is the type of a leader we want in this country, person like prof yemi oshibajo, he has human feelings, he is so careering and he has a lot of love for we Nigerians.

  5. So it is now you will talk. Where have you been all these while
    This protest is above ending of SARS, it is an accumulated anger of the hardship in this country
    Nothing seems to be moving and people are suffering soo much

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