You cannot end bad governance without ending religious Manipulation – Daddy Freeze warns

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Controversial On-air-personality, Daddy Freeze has shared that total reformation of the government will not be useful if the problem of religious manipulation is not tackled.

In a tweet via his twitter handle, he made it known that bad governance and religious manipulation work hand in hand and that you can’t get rid of one without the other.

He wrote;

“Bad governance and religious manipulation are like 5&6

“You can’t end one without ending the other and hope to succeed”


  1. It’s obvious that Many religious leaders are also the brain behind the problem we are facing in this country instead of teaching them with the words of God the reverse is the case.

  2. The love of money has taken over everything to the extent that Nigeria leaders can’t tell the leaders the truth because if they do they won’t take selfishness, corruptiona and bad governance their watch words. Religious leaders have now corrupt.

  3. Yes this is quite true
    People tend to stand for corrupt leaders who are in the same religious beliefs with them even when it is quite very clear that they are corrupt

    1. Religious is separate from politics, as we all know whatever they want to come out for something they normally proud of there religious to win our mind, but now money and lies has take in charge of everything.

  4. Is religion not in Nigeria? Is incomparable, we have President as Muslim while vice is a Christian, we both have equal rights on the country, so our leader are not ruling with religionalism. It’s true they are full of corrupted in another way.

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