Catholic Archbishop warns FG against deploying soldiers to #EndSARS protest grounds

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The Catholic archbishop of Lagos, Alfred Martins has warned President Buhari against deploying soldiers to the #EndSARS protest grounds across the country. 

The Catholic Bishop stated that deployment of security operatives to the protest grounds can only lead to injuries and possible deaths and an escalation. Martins also advised the youths to continue being peaceful during the protests as the world is watching. 

His statement read; 

“Such a measure, if adopted, can only lead to injuries and possible deaths, and an escalation of the protests. It has the tendency of turning the largely peaceful protests into a violent one. 

“We therefore urge the federal government to toe the line of engagement in dialogue, listening to the demands of the youth and other well-meaning Nigerians.

“We commend the government for acceding to the demands of the youth. Now, the whole country looks forward to practical steps that would be taken to implement them.

“We believe that a sincere and transparent response to the demands of the young people would go a long way in resolving the present impasse.”


  1. Good advice…. But we are praying for him to deploy the soldiers so that it can leads to a huge revolution which is what are looking for to change the country for good

  2. Let President muhammadu buhari continue with his mess, if you like carry BURATAI go kill the protesters, useless people, government are trying to put trouble into Nigeria youths neck but we no go take it, if President muhammadu buhari like make he listen to your advice and if he like make him against him.

  3. May be you don’t President muhammadu buhari he is very stubborn, he is dump and dead, make him kill Nigeria finish now,that’s why want split in this country, because our behavior are not the same with Fulani.

  4. Of course, if president buhari could listen to advice giving to him it will serve as an advantage to his administration. He should listen to the yearning of the Nigerians and profer solution.

  5. What youths need to do is not hooliganism but peaceful protest to press their demands from the government and I hope the federal government will quickly answer their needs without left one out.

  6. Enough for the wise, president buhari should heed to the advice giving to him and he should bring out masses policy not the one that will be contributed to the suffering of the masses.

  7. What concerns the army with a peaceful protest
    Why should they be involved at all
    If they want to fight, let them go fight bokoharam guys in sambisa, far north

  8. Deploying Army for protesters. What efforts are they making to stop boko haram? How many years now. Let them stop killing innocent citizens.

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