‘Save the people’- Aisha Buhari tells President Buhari and the service chiefs (video)

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First lady, Aisha Buhari, has called on her husband, President Buhari, and the service chiefs to act fast and stop the bloodshed and insecurity in Northern Nigeria.

Yesterday evening, Mrs. Buhari via her social media handles shared a video with a compilation of photos of President Buhari in a meeting with all the service chiefs. The background song used in the video is titled “Arewa na Kuka’ which means ‘the North weeps”. The song is by Kannywood actor Adam Zango.

Part of the lyrics is translated as “In the name of God, pay attention/We seek your help/The North is weeping/ Our blood is being shed/Our people are being killed/Our property torched”.

To drive home her point, Mrs Buhari added the hashtag #AChechijamaa which means ‘rescue the people’.

Mrs Buhari has over the years been very critical of her husband’s administration.

Watch the video she shared below

'Save the people'- Aisha Buhari tells President Buhari and the service chiefs (video) 4


  1. What sad words! I don’t know the reason why president buhari is always being act slowly in every critical issues bothering state of insecurities in Nigeria and so no. If you tell him this time around maybe he is going to listen.

  2. Aisha buhari must be very stupid for saying that, if you like make them kill them finish and if they like make them wast una property waiting concern us, all the security chief in this country came from North and they was choosing by our useless President… leads by President muhammadu buhari, what are you now saying. You better keep your mouth shut, because what is unground now for President muhammadu buhari is beyond North killing.#EndPoliceBrutality #MoreNorthKilling

  3. First lady, kindly speak louder whether president we listen to you, we are seek and tired of his administration style of governing us, he just kept quiet. People are being killed everyday, properties are also been destroyed, he needs to act fast.

  4. May be one of his family are not among that is why he always kept quiet. Not until you fall a victim before you can take a step or finding solutions to the masses problem.

  5. Is northern side part of Nigeria? See Aisha you better go stay for we’re buhari put you, I mean go to your kitchen. And stop saying nonsense.

  6. It is good she is speaking up, let her force her husband to do his work as he promised the masses
    A lot of problems are bedeviling the people

  7. Save the people on how? sorry your husband haven’t done 6% of election promises since 2015, i hope to see better Nigeria that is working economically in progress.

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