EndSARS Protest : Edo Government declares curfew

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The Edo State Government has imposed a 24-hour curfew across the state.

The curfew follows incidents of vandalism and attacks carried out by hoodlums who hijacked the End SARS protests.

According to a statement by the Secretary to the State Government, Osarodion Ogien said the curfew will take effect from 4:00 pm, October 19, 2020, till further notice, Channels reports

He said;

“This decision has become necessary because of the very disturbing incidents of vandalism and attacks on private individuals and institutions by hoodlums in the guise of the End SARS protests.

“While the government of Edo State respects the rights of its citizens to undertake legitimate protests, it cannot sit idly when hoodlums have taken laws into their hands to cause mayhem on innocent citizens and the state.”


  1. why will u put curfew on those who voted u in just because they re protesting this re just the reason y they re protesting when u inter office u will don’t care about them again

  2. Developing story. We are watching to see how it goes
    That is why it is good to do things the right way
    Had it been, our so called government were doing things the rightful way, all these demonstrations wouldn’t have arisen in the first place

  3. This Edo thugs I think they were sent by the opposite party because they are not happy that they loss in Edo Governorship Election, so they wanna use this
    protest achieve what they couldn’t during that election day due to Visa ban.

  4. That’s good news because hoodlums have started vandalized the government properties and if care is not taking it can lead to problem that government won’t be able to curb.

  5. If care is not taking, this may lead to revolution and if it leads to revolution, it will cause a lot of damages to our dear country. Government should take drastic measures to address the grievances of her citizens.

  6. The problem that we are facing now caused by our leaders because they didn’t put utmost priority to their citizens, since when Nigerians have been complaining about this SARS and police brutality no drastic steps taking but it’s not too late.

  7. What obaseki said is absolutely right, the man is very good and have human being feelings, this is kind of governor we need in our state, #kwaraState

  8. So sad! From my observations, the thugs involve in this prison break and burning of police stations don’t seem to be protesters.

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