Nothing is going to work unless we fight for Biafra – Asari Dokubi tells Niger Deltans

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Former Niger Delta militant leader, Alhaji Asari Dokubo has called on people of the region to shun the ongoing EndSARS protests which he said is a waste of time and focus on establishing Biafra.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Asari addressed people of Niger Delta participating in the nationwide protests saying there is nothing to restructure about Nigeria, insisting that it is a waste of time cooperating with the Yorubas in the #ENDSARS protests, adding that the only solution for Niger Deltans is to team together with the Ogonis and the Igbos and Efiks and reinvent Biafra.

He said;

“Anything else is not going to work unless we stand up and fight for Biafra. Anybody talking about restructuring, Niger Delta republic or an Igbo Biafra is an enemy of our people because Biafra most surely come whether you like it or not.”

Asari also said that what the people need at the moment is political freedom and every other thing will come at the right time, “because you will control and hold your oil,” he said.


  1. Mhhhhh!!! Confusion everywhere
    Things are falling apart. Let the government sit up now and run fast to mend things now
    There is trouble..o

  2. A lot can work if we decided to make it work. Those who holds any offices are people like us and they are also part bad percel of us. We need to stand up and make things work if not we will remain at stagnant.

  3. If we can make efforts to address the issue of police brutality and inhumane treatment of SARS, definitely what is not going well in this country can be changed by we Nigerians or youths. Anything can be changed positively by force without revolution or war.

  4. Yes , this is good, you spoke well…is what we also have been demanding for, I mean Yoruba land, which I know by fire🔥by force we must get our freedom.

  5. That is a misplace of priorities…. This country can stii be better through self criticism and restructure of the government

  6. I wish we Niger deltans will listen and stop saying they are not part of Biafra and come together to achieve this goal and make better our own country. Biafra must come

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